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Gas-Powered Utility Vehicle Travels Via Truck Bed

Gas-Powered Utility Vehicle Travels Via Truck Bed

Kubota introduces the new gas-powered RTV500 compact utility vehicle that comes with the standard comfort and technology of a larger utility vehicle, but is compact enough to fit in the bed of a full-size, long-bed pickup truck. At 54.7 inches wide and 72 inches tall, the RTV500 performs various applications with a 15.8-hp liquid-cooled, two-cylinder Kubota gas engine, four-wheel drive and a top speed of 25 mph.

The compact utility vehicle comes standard with Kubota's exclusive VHT Plus variable hydrostatic transmission, which is designed to eliminate the need to adjust belt drives and provides smooth transmission-assisted braking and hill-holding capabilities. Weighing in at 1,278 pounds the unit can handle up to 440 pounds or 9 cubic feet in its metal dumping cargo box. It can also tow up to 1,100 pounds.

“The RTV500 is unique for the rental market because it provides an affordable, gas-powered option that fits into the bed of a full-sized pickup truck, so it's easily transported from the rental location to the worksite,” says Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota. “All RTV500s come standard with ROPS that meet OSHA 1928.53 specifications for operator safety.

Verified by Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota.
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Vital Stats

Width: 54.7 inches

Towing capacity: 1,100 pounds

Weight: 1,278 pounds

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