Photo by Caterpillar
Cat 350 excavator

Caterpillar’s 350 Hydraulic Excavator Offers Enhanced Sustainability

Aug. 23, 2022
The 350 consumes up to 13 percent less fuel than the Cat 349 to lower costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and operate more sustainably.

Featuring powerful digging force and strong swing torque, the new Cat 350 excavator can be equipped with large buckets up to 3.2 m (4.2 yards) for productivity. The 350 consumes up to 13 percent less fuel than the Cat 349 to lower costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and operate more sustainably. Three power mode options – smart, power, and eco – match the excavator to the job to further reduce fuel consumption.

“Caterpillar is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while helping our customers meet their climate-related objectives,” said Brian Abbott, Caterpillar global product manager for large hydraulic excavators. “The 350 is our latest example of delivering on that commitment.”

The new 350 excavator’s standard Cat 2D Grade system indicates depth and slope on the monitor with alerts to increase operating efficiency. Grade Assist helps the operator to effortlessly stay on grade with single-lever digging. For truck loading and trenching applications, Swing Assist automatically stops excavator swing at operator-defined setpoints to consume less fuel. Lift Assist helps to avoid machine tipping by letting the operator know the load is within safe working range limits. To safely work around obstructions, 2D E-fence prevents the excavator from moving outside of operator-defined set points.

Cat Payload onboard weighing gives real-time weight estimates to achieve precise load targets and improve efficiency. When combined with VisionLink, Payload offers remote managing of production targets. Alternatively, the monitor’s USB port allows fleet managers to download up to 30 days of work for progress management without an internet connection or VisionLink subscription.

Available in-cab grade technology upgrades include Cat Grade with advanced 2D for creating and editing grade designs via a second high-resolution touchscreen monitor and Cat grade with 3D to create and edit designs on that second monitor plus see the front linkage’s full range of motion. All Cat grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from top third-party technology suppliers.

The Cat C9.3B engine has more than 14 million hours of service. Synchronized 1,000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals reduce downtime. The hydraulic oil filter offers a 3,000-hour replacement interval – an increase of 50 percent over the previous design – and provides improved filtration performance.

The 350 can work at up to 4500 m (14,764 ft) above sea level. It features standard high-ambient temperature capability of 52˚ C (126˚ F), cold-start capability at -18˚ C (0˚ F) with optional cold-start capability at -32 C (-25˚ F). Automatic hydraulic warmup in cold temperatures gets the machine to work faster and prolongs the life of machine components. A double element air intake filter with pre-cleaner features high dust capacity, and the machine’s high-efficiency hydraulic fan offers an automatic reverse to keep cores free from debris.

Product Link collects data automatically and gives fleet manager critical operating information like location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health online through web and mobile applications. Maximizing machine uptime, remote troubleshoot and remote flash allow dealers to remotely connect with the machine to diagnose fault codes and update operating software. Operators can track filter life and maintenance intervals through the touchscreen monitor.

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