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Product of the Week – Bobcat M-Series excavator instrumentation

Jan. 14, 2014
A new forward-mount instrumentation system designed for enhanced functionality and improved ergonomics is available for six existing models of Bobcat compact excavators. The new instrumentation system technologies, introduced with the E32, E35, E42, E45, E50 and E55, are engineered to help owners and fleet managers better understand and evaluate their performance and costs, as well as assist them with identifying opportunities to improve machine and operator efficiencies.  

The previous instrumentation panel required the operator to turn to the side to engage the panel’s input switches; the new panel presents these buttons in front of the operator, where they are easier to identify and reach. From the operator’s viewpoint, the location of the panel also aligns with the existing cab components and work group structures to maintain visibility to the attachment. The auxiliary hydraulic paddle switch is live when the console is in the lowered position, eliminating the need to activate the auxiliary hydraulic mode switch. In addition, new joystick switches are designed to improve the boom swing and auxiliary controls.   

The M-Series excavator’s optional deluxe instrumentation panel features multi-lingual functionality; eco-mode for up to 8 percent in fuel cost savings; ability to customize auto-idle delay to suit operator preference; attachment-specific operation tips to optimize productivity and versatility; and enhanced engine and hydraulic system information to simplify checks of machine status.

Owners and operators now have three choices relative to keying the machine: standard panel with key; standard panel with keypad for keyless start, which includes provisions for one programmable owner code; and deluxe instrumentation panel with integrated keyless start, which includes provisions for one owner code and up to eight user codes.