What Else Is New? February 2011

Feb. 1, 2011
Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

UniLift trailer-mounted boomlifts from LDC Industries feature working heights up to 36 feet, battery power, 360-degree effective coverage, and quick conversion for use as a universal crane. The new power jack setup option allows for quick and easy outrigger setup. With unit weights less than 3,000 pounds, UniLifts tow behind a pick-up truck and can be easily maneuvered in and out of tight work spaces.
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Yale Materials Handling introduces its electric lift trucks, designed to offer optimized operator compartments and comfort, and with 16-percent more floor space. Relocated multifunction displays enhance visibility and result in precise pallet control. New models also feature an improved brake pedal layout and auto deceleration systems that reduce operator fatigue.
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The mid-sized Doosan DX225LC crawler excavator features an electronic power optimizing system (EPOS) engineered to maximize machine productivity while minimizing fuel consumption. The EPOS connects the excavator's hydraulic system and engine controls via a data transfer link. The DX225LC has an operating weight of 48,722 pounds with standard boom, arm and 0.92 cubic yard bucket.
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The KNSE 12-150 fillet weld grinder from Metabo is designed for finishing various metals including stainless steel. The new extended nose grinder is used for finishing and polishing hard-to-access fillet welds typically found on handrails or inside welds on enclosed areas. Standard features include a winding protection grid, auto-stop carbon brushes and thumbwheel for speed preselect.
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Arbortech introduces new Head Joint blades and Heritage blades designed to offer more controlled cuts and precision for mortar removal on vertical joints and very narrow mortar joints. While the use of conventional diamond blades can easily result in over-cutting and damage to the surrounding brick work, the Arbortech Head Joint blades clean out the complete joint without any damage to surrounding bricks. The cutting depth is 3 1/8-inch deep and the cutting width is ¼-inch wide.
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EDCO introduces its 8-inch Scari-Lite mini planer designed to profile and remove coatings from concrete and asphalt surfaces. The Scari-Lite removes light coats of paint, urethane and thin-set. It has a 110-volt motor that can be plugged into household outlets and a 5.5-hp gasoline option is also available.
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Vacall Industries extends its line of combination sewer cleaners with the AllJetVac with a rear-mounted hose reel. The model was designed for customers who prefer rear-mounted reels instead of Vacall's traditional front-mounted reel.
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Clarke's versatile BOS-18 orbital floor machine provides aggressive floor scrubbing and chemical-free stripping. Designed with powerful orbital technology, the orbital floor machine makes it easy to scrub small areas by eliminating side-to-side torque and delivering up to 3,600 ¼-inch orbits per minute.
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MSA introduces the new ALTAIR 4X multigas detector driven by MSA XCell Sensor Technology for combustible gas, O2, H2S and CO. Features include a four-year sensor life, faster response time, increased stability and less than 60-second span calibration time.
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