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Product of the Week - JCB 3CX backhoe

March 25, 2015
The JCB 14-foot full size backhoe loader includes 13,063 pound loader breakout force and 6,354 lbf loader lift capacity to its full height.

The JCB 14-foot full size backhoe loader includes 13,063 pound loader breakout force and 6,354 lbf loader lift capacity to its full height. The excavator bucket has a 13,942 lb. breakout force. It is powered by a JCB Ecomax Tier 4 Final engine delivering 74 hp.

The JCB Ecomax engine has been designed to achieve Tier 4F emissions regulations through efficient combustion, the use of second-generation common rail fuel injection technology, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and sophisticated electronic control. With a transmission and axles designed and built by JCB, the 3CX is built around total component integration, each part specifically designed for use in a backhoe loader.

The JCB 3CX comes standard with daily fluid auto-checks and JCB Livelink telematics, allowing customers to monitor machine performance and maintenance needs. Owners are alerted via email or text message if the machine continues to operate with a fault alert.

Design elements focused on durability include keyhole castings, relieving stress at the end of the boom ram by distributing ram forces through the core structure of the boom. The main chassis and rear frame form a fully welded unit. The center-mount excavator is designed for increased stability and a larger working envelope than competitive machines.

The extending dipper locking pin is located at the bottom of the dipper arm to facilitate access from ground level. All rams and hoses are concealed within the boom and dipper structure, to protect components and improve trench visibility. All exposed hoses on the excavator kingpost, are sheathed to protect the operator in the event of a hose burst.

The 3CX boasts tough loader arms, with a formed and welded design that is sturdy and durable. A large torsion box is positioned close to the shovel at the base of the loader arms, ensuring maximum visibility for the operator while reducing lateral twist. It is the only backhoe loader in its class to offer a parallel lift loader as standard, ensuring maximum load retention with excellent visibility to the bucket edge.

Options include a climate controlled cab model, hammer pipework, extending dipper and loader pipework.