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Hitachi Excavators Offer Cab or Canopy Options

Aug. 17, 2021
The company’s current compact excavator lineup includes the ZX17U-5, ZX26U-5, ZX30U-5, ZX35U-5, ZX50U-5 and ZX60USB-5.
Posted by Brooke Just

Hitachi Construction & Mining Division, an operating division of John Deere Construction & Forestry Company, makes a wide variety of excavators ranging from compacts to massive machines used in mines and quarries – each built to the same high standards. The company’s current compact excavator lineup includes the ZX17U-5, ZX26U-5, ZX30U-5, ZX35U-5, ZX50U-5 and ZX60USB-5.

The largest of Hitachi’s compact excavators is the ZX60USB-5, which weighs 6145 kg (13,547 pounds). Its standard quick-coupler-equipped boom-mounted auxiliary hydraulic lines make attachment hook-up a snap, and its wedge-style coupler enables quick changes and a wide variety of buckets and attachments, such as breakers and augers.

Hitachi’s compact excavators are all available with a canopy option. This provides a cost-effective alternative to the cab and helps customers control their total cost of ownership. These excavators come with an extended standard full-machine warranty – two years after delivery or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first – so customers can keep working confidently.

“Each model has different key specifications to consider when it comes to operating weight, dig depth, lift capacity and attachments,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, site development and  underground. “Operating weight is important for ease of transportation. Consider a model with operating weight large enough to handle the work you typically do and one that is most easily transported between jobsites given the truck and trailer equipment in your fleet. Models that are easily transported from jobsite to jobsite get more work done and make more money. Consider the dig depth and lift capacity required to get the job done, but plan for the future if your jobs or business expand. Lastly, attachments such as tiltrotators, couplers, augers, breakers, thumbs and plate compactors increase the versatility of work a customer can get done with just one machine.”

Of note, the ZX26U-5 is eligible as part of Hitachi’s ZX-tra Offer, which is a new, special financing offer on select ZX models to provide customers with extra savings while gaining the efficiency, reliability and durability that a Hitachi excavator offers. The ZX-tra Offer features low monthly payments, providing customers a path toward equipment ownership and growing their fleets.

“We’re excited to provide customers with the new ZX-tra Offer that allows financial flexibility on the path to machine ownership,” said Greg Bauer, manager, tactical marketing and production systems. “Compact equipment and excavators in particular are incredibly versatile machines that support many applications and segments which aligns to the growth we’re seeing in the compact equipment industry.”

The ZX-tra Offer, which is running now until Oct. 31, 2021, includes the ZX26U-5 with a canopy or cab option. The ZX26U-5 features a fuel-efficient Yanmar engine. Standard auxiliary hydraulic lines with selector valves plumbed to the arm simplify attachment use. Plus, maintenance is simplified with hinged door access and grouped service points.

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