RER Spotlights the Latest Drain-cleaning equipment

General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners offers four new auto-feed power drain cleaners designed to blend the best of professional drain cleaners with the rugged reliability of rental machines. The four new models — the Speedrooter 92R (pictured), Metro-Rooter, Mini-Rooter XP and Drain-Rooter PH — all feature automatic feeds and open drum designs to make drain cleaning easier, cleaner, and faster for rental customers to use than manual machines. The automatic feed makes getting the cable into and out of the drain faster and easier. The variable speed drives and retracts cable at up to 20 feet per minute. The power feed and guide tube combination allows the cable to feed smoothly into the line while keeping the operator's hands clean and away from the spinning cable. The open drum design lets the rental provider see the condition of the cable after it comes back from rental so it can be cleaned and lubricated as necessary. An inner drum cage helps prevent abusive customers from tangling the cable inside the drum.
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Electric Eel

Electric Eel offers four drain-cleaning machine models that feature auto cable feed that advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever. Cable guides keep hands off rotating cable for added safety. Open cages allow quick cable inspection and cleaning. The Model RF cleans 3- to 6-inch-diameter lines and runs either 5/8- or ¾-inch diameter Tri-Max inner core cable in lengths up to 100 feet. The Model Z5-AF features newly designed auto feed and cleans 1 ¼- to 3-inch lines up to 100 feet. It runs ½-inch galvanized aircraft wire inner core cable. The model E-AF features newly designed auto feed and cleans 1 ¼-inch to 3-inch lines up to 75 feet. The Model CT cleans ¾-inch to 2 ½-inch lines up to 50 feet. Its variable-speed motor feature gives the operator maximum control.
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Ridge Tool

Ridgid offers the SeeSnake micro-Drain inspection system, which allows for quick inspection in places previously difficult to inspect. The compact SeeSnake micro-Drain inspection system features a 30-foot flexible cable and a 22-mm-diameter camera head that allows for improved accessibility and efficiency in inspection jobs. The flexibility of the cable and tight turn radius of the camera head allows for access through many toilet traps and small P traps without the need to disassemble or dismantle plumbing fixtures. The unit is 19 inches high and 4 ½ inches wide.
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