Photo by Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co
Pictured is a dewatering pump. Make sure you have a dewatering pump for storm season and every season.

Thompson Pump Shares Hurricane-Preparation Tips

May 26, 2021
Inspecting your pumps year round is important to keeping your household safe during any weather season.

Posted by Brooke Just

The 2021 Hurricane Season is officially less than a week away and already a named storm formed in the Atlantic, bringing with it a sense of urgency to making sure we are ready to weather any storms. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of heavy-duty portable diesel-powered bypass and dewatering pumps, is offering tips to make sure rental companies and related businesses are prepared for any major storm.

While storm preparedness is a year-round job, Thompson Pump shares some well-thought-out steps to take now that will go a long way toward reducing the negative impacts a hurricane can have on a city and its citizens, essential services and the overall economy.

  • Inspect pumps today
  • Service and repair equipment before you need it, including correcting fittings and hoses
  • Clean out drains
  • Pump down lakes and ponds
  • Check fuel supplies
  • Stock up on spare parts for emergency repairs
  • Identify areas more susceptible to major storm damage that can be serviced immediately

According to Chris Thompson, president of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co., it’s important to take these steps now, because the one or two days leading up to the storm often result in high call volumes for emergency assistance, making these in-advance preparation steps all the more critical.

“We’ve witnessed the sometimes-catastrophic flooding and damage hurricanes have caused to our community and others across the country over the past few years, and we have to make sure we are prepared for any situation that unfolds,” said Thompson.

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