Photo by Stellar Industries
Pictured is the Stellar Industries Stellar TMAX1-11 Welder Body.

Stellar Industries’ TMAX 1-11 Welder Body for Torch Cutting and Welding

June 8, 2021
The TMAX Welder Body is designed for mine and construction jobsites.

Stellar Industries introduces the Stellar TMAX1-11 Welder Body. The TMAX Welder Body is designed for mine and construction jobsites. This new addition to the TMAX series continues to build upon countless options offered by Stellar.

The TMAX 1-11 Welder Body provides numerous features that power productivity. With features like the 30 inch workbench-bumper, enhanced with a slide out tray, this workstation is ready for torch cutting and welding. The tray's removable support slates allow for blow-through to the ground, keeping your workspace clean, and the 2-inch V channel that runs the length of the bumper makes for easy clamping. 

The TMAX 1-11 Welder is set up for any of the Stellar TC Series Cranes. TC series cranes by Stellar come equipped with the revolutionary CDT Remote for easy operation and offer ultimate compactness to maximize bed space.

Consistent with all TMAX Series service bodies, the TMAX 1-11 Welder Body uses stainless-steel billet style hinges, 3-point stainless steel compression latches, and double spring over center door closures. All Stellar bodies are completely undercoated for additional protection from corrosion and painted with a two-part polyurethane enamel paint for added protection and visual appeal. 

“As our customer’s needs evolve, we work to find solutions for them,” said Adam Opperman, Stellar Industries product manager. “With the addition of the TMAX 1-11 Welder Body, it provides operators another choice in customization to their service truck. Our new body allows for more payload, even with a larger welder and equipment, so customers can be productive.”   

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