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The WORX® 40V, 725 psi Power Share Hydroshot™ ULTRA Portable Power Cleaner is perfect for any spring clean up.

New WORX 40V, 725 PSI Hydroshot Powered for Faster Spring Clean-ups

April 27, 2021
The new WORX 40V, 725 psi Power Share Hydroshot ULTRA Portable Power Cleaner is packed with the most cleaning power of any Hydroshot model to date, while featuring a hi-tech brushless motor and re-designed motor/pump configuration.

The new WORX 40V, 725 psi Power Share Hydroshot ULTRA Portable Power Cleaner is packed with the most cleaning power of any Hydroshot model to date, while featuring a hi-tech brushless motor and re-designed motor/pump configuration. Also, four optional accessories have been added to the popular portable power cleaner line: a Pivoting Quick Connect Adapter, Spray/Misting Nozzle, Adjustable Automotive Power Scrubber (Soft Bristles) and 12-inch Surface Cleaner Attachment.

The new Hydroshot draws its power from two 20V MAX, Lithium 4.0 Ah, batteries to deliver pressurized water up to 725 psi. This is more than 11 times higher than the water pressure created by a standard garden hose and nozzle.

The battery-powered, portable power cleaner is driven by a brushless motor with electronically controlled power distribution, which increases battery run time over standard brushed motors. 

The 40V Hydroshot’s unique configuration features an external motor/pump built into the high-pressure hose system.  Besides providing premium performance, the external motor/pump takes weight off of the handheld wand for better operator control and less fatigue.

Hydroshot has two operating modes, controlled by pressing a top-mounted button: power cleaning (high) and watering (low). On high mode, water pressure is 725 psi and  low mode is 435 psi.  The four-pattern spray nozzle rotates to adjust from 0º to 15º, 25º, and 40º settings.

On high mode, the 40V Hydroshot rapidly and thoroughly washes down decks, patios, vehicles, boat hulls, bicycles, siding, lawn furniture, and more. On low mode, a lighter spray is provided for washing windows, screens, sliding door tracks and other tasks.

The 40V Hydroshot uses only 1.1 gallons-per-minute (gpm) when attached to a standard garden hose.  It’s also designed to draw water through a 20 foot accessory hose (included) from fresh water sources, such as lakes, rivers, pools or buckets.  

As part of the WORX 20V Power Share Program, Hydroshot’s removable batteries are compatible with more than 35 other WORX lawn and garden and DIY tools. This battery-sharing capability results in significant savings and convenience. 

Hydroshot includes a long, pressure-cleaning wand; two 20V 4.0 Ah Max lithium batteries; 60 minute dual-port charger (one hour per battery); 20-foot hose accessory,  and quick-connect adapter.  It is covered by a WORX five-year limited warranty.

The optional Hydroshot Pivoting Quick Connect Adapter enables power cleaning tips, including the Hydroshot 4-in-1 nozzle, to be adjusted up to 180 degrees in any direction for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.  The new adapter is designed for cleaning under vehicles, lawn tractors, boats, docks, decks, and more. It’s also designed for cleaning the tops of taller vehicles, such as trucks, RVs and utility trailers. The Pivoting Quick Connect Adapter is compatible with all Hydroshot models. 

Another new optional accessory, the Hydroshot Spray/Misting Nozzle brings out the portable power cleaner’s softer side. It is designed for watering and misting flowers and plants, washing windows and other tasks calling for light spraying. The spray/misting nozzle also can be used to sanitize surfaces and large areas with bleach-based products and disinfectants containing chlorine (alcohol-based disinfectants should not be used with Hydroshot). The nozzle twists to adjust the spray pattern.  It’s compatible with all Hydroshot models, but works best with those that develop 450 psi or higher, such as models WG644 and WG649). 

The optional Hydroshot Adjustable Automotive Power Scrubber (Soft Bristle) is a water-powered rotary brush with soft bristles that thoroughly cleans cars and boats without damaging paint or chrome. The power scrubber’s dual articulating points make it easy to adjust the cleaning angle. A quick-snap connection simplifies switching of accessories. The adjustable power scrubber is designed for use with Hydroshot models WG625, WG629, WG630, WG640, WG644 and WG649.

A new Hydroshot 12-inch Surface Cleaner Attachment has dual, rotating, high-pressure nozzles to create a 12-in.-diameter cleaning swath on large surfaces, such as decks, patios and walkways. Its brushed housing edges trap and enhance the surface cleaning-action, while also providing scrubbing power. The surface cleaner attachment has a 22-inch reach for ease of use and does not require an extension wand. It connects to any 20V or 40V Hydroshot model, but works best with models WG644 and WG649.