Photo by ANA Inc.
Pictured is the new line of MAC3 Air Tools by ANA Inc.

Product of the Week: ANA Inc. Introduces Pneumatic Air Tool Line

June 22, 2021
ANA Inc. releases its exclusive line of MAC3 Air Tools, a range of pneumatic tools, including hammers, breakers, Air Pick, and more, providing an efficient and secure solution for all general and specific job site needs.

MAC3 designs and manufactures products in the field of compressed air technology dedicated to the construction application. MAC3 pneumatic tools are found to require between 20 percent to 40 percent less air than equivalent competitors' breakers, at the same weight and performance. All cylinders and pistons receive specific heat treatment, allowing the tool to run without additional oil.

“MAC3 Air tool design provides longer life and less maintenance over time, as each is designed to have 25 percent fewer parts than those in the market currently.” said Kevin Day, president of ANA. “This is directly in line with the ANA value proposition.” A large stock of paving breakers, chipping hammers, and spare parts are now available for purchase at ANA Inc.

Products available include a range of paving breakers designed for construction, heavy asphalt removal, and breaking reinforced concrete. For those jobs that rely on precision, as well as power, the MAC3 chipping hammers are the perfect partner for the job. The machines are designed for tile removal, brick wall renovations, concrete floors, pool renovations, breaking rock in tunnels or mines, bridge deck work, and much more. Also available is the PAC 3000 AIR PICK which can be used in many areas, including those that require clearing surfaces where mechanical tools cannot access without fear of damaging the elements around them.

MAC3’s manufacturing process is managed in France with a facility in Michigan City, Ind. MAC3 continually works to improve the ergonomics of its pneumatic tools, as well as their ease of use and maintenance, without reducing its performance of use. Beyond the technical specs, MAC3 products are designed to have a long life and have a high rate of durability and reliability. MAC3 also favors high-performance production circuits, thus limiting the carbon impact of the manufacturing of its products. 

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