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Product of the Week – New Chicago Pneumatic CP 1260 and CP 1290 Breakers

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment introduces two brand new handheld breakers to the North American market — the CP 1260 and CP 1290, which offer updated features, more power and a sleek, ergonomic look.

“The CP handheld pneumatic breakers have traditionally delivered an efficient and powerful solution for any demolition application,” says Gus Armbruster, product manager for pneumatic tools. “The new CP 1260 and CP 1290 have carried through the important features of previous models, but have incorporated a number of features new to the handheld line.”

The list of added features include ergonomically designed handles to reduce operator fatigue, a streamlined, flatter profile for improved operator visibility and new durable polyurethane front head springs that reduce wear and extend the life of the breaker and its internal components.

The components of the new CP 1260 and CP 1290 breakers are compatible with previous generations of pneumatic breakers, allowing repairs to be made quickly and easily should a problem arise, the maker says.

The CP 1260 has an operating weight of 63 pounds and delivers 1,300 blows per minute. It is powerful enough to handle a number of medium to heavy-duty applications. The CP 1290 weight 81 pounds and has a length of 28 inches. It delivers 1,100 bpm and is suited for heavy-duty demolition work.

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