Hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachment

Hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachment

Atlas Copco Construction Tools introduces the MG 1500 hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachment that is designed for sorting and loading rubble, as well as demolition of masonry and wooden structures. The multi grapple features large hydraulic cylinders to provide powerful closing forces and short time cycles. The MG 1500 provides a closing force of 6.9 tons. Weighing 3,263 pounds, the multi grapple can be used on 17- to 28-ton carriers and requires oil flow of 32 to 45 gpm at 5,076 psi. The grapple offers a standard 360-degree hydraulic rotation unit that allows accurate positioning of the attachment to accelerate work progress. The cylinders are guarded to protect against outside debris, and a built-in rotation protection system reduces wear and tear on the carrier. The cylinders are also equipped with hydraulic-end-positioning damping. This system slows down jaw-opening speed shortly before the grapples reach their full-width end position.

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