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Product of the Week - Comansa Cranes 21LC1050

Product of the Week - Comansa Cranes 21LC1050

The new 21LC1050 is offered with versions of maximum load of 25, 37.5 and 50 metric tons and can be erected with reach of between 30 and 80 meters with configurations every 5 meters. In addition, an optional jib configuration is available allowing a special reach of 85 meters.

The design of the slewing (horizontal) part of the 21LC1050 is similar to that of Comansa’s 21LC750 and 21LC660. Instead of having a cusp element, the jib and counterjib join directly on the slewing part, designed for faster and safer assembly. The 21LC1050 also shares a large part of the jib and counterjib sections with its "little siblings" 21LC750 and 21LC660, which allows optimizing the investment to customers who already own these models.

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