Content Contributor Guidelines

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RER is the leading source of information for the equipment rental industry. Our primary audience, online and in print, are owners and managers of equipment rental companies. We are also read by equipment manufacturers and service providers in the equipment rental industry.

The magazine includes a mix of features, industry news, how-to articles, industry research, exclusive surveys, columns, and new products in a wide variety of categories.

Pitching an idea: Articles should be pitched via e-mail. Please briefly describe the proposed article and what message you want to communicate. If the article is already completed, you can submit it via e-mail.

As much as possible, we run articles as the topics appear on the editorial calendar, subject to adjustment as the editorial staff sees fit. However, we do run articles that do not appear on our editorial calendar if we consider them important or worthwhile and if space is available.

Please note that we receive hundreds of press releases, phone calls and e-mails. We will contact you regarding your submission if it applies to our audience, but sometimes the process takes time.

For feature articles, we require first-time exclusive rights in the equipment rental industry. We will not run the same article that is also being offered to competitive publications in the equipment rental space. Please keep this in mind when submitting an idea. We also require a standard contract.

Articles that appear in RER should not promote a company, service, or product. Our articles give readers new insight into the market, provide tips and pointers, explain a process, or provide insight into a current issue of interest and concern to our readers. All articles are non-proprietary, so write in general terms. Thoroughly check all technical information.

All accepted submissions will be edited by our editorial staff for style and clarity, grammar, length and appropriateness of topic. Because we work on a tight schedule, we cannot provide the opportunity for you to see the article before it is published. However, if we have accuracy issues or other questions, we will contact you. Sometimes because of issues of space or timing, the article might not appear in the issue for which it is initially intended but will appear in an issue shortly thereafter.

We are open to considering case studies and will consider articles about specific types of equipment or issues of interest to the equipment rental industry.

Feature articles generally run between 800 to 1,500 words.

Please supply the article via e-mail and send all communications to RER editor-in-chief Michael Roth at [email protected].

Please make every effort to acquire and send appropriate photography. Images can usually be sent via e-mail. JPG and PNG images are preferred.

Articles should in most cases be written in the third person, not using first-person pronouns.

RER claims exclusive worldwide publication rights for 60 days after publication unless otherwise agreed upon by the editor, including rights to publish the article in print or on RER’s website.

Permission to reprint is also a provision of the agreement.

Include a short, 50- to 75-word professional biographical summary for each author along with his or her e-mail address. Include a description of the author's present company position, education, professional affiliations and professional accomplishments.