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RER's Spring Giveaway

Feb. 6, 2015
You can win a quick $100 Amazon gift card by entering our spring giveaway contest.

RER is offering a Spring Giveaway contest with three drawings to win a quick $100 Amazon gift card.

It costs nothing to enter and barely takes a minute of your time, as long as it takes to punch in your name and e-mail address and take a stab at the bonus question. Three times over the next three months, our team will pick a name out of the digital hat. And you can enhance your chance to win by tweeting, emailing or sharing on Facebook or Goggle+.

It’s as simple as that!

RER is the longest-running magazine covering the equipment rental industry. It was founded in 1957, by publishing entrepreneur James Gartland, who recognized that a new trend in business, known then as rental yards, was beginning to pop up to serve the post-World War II do-it-yourself spirit of homeowners as well as independent contractors involved in the growing construction boom. Gartland sensed that these new  types of business was the beginning of what would become a large industry in North America. Gartland founded Rental Yard Register – later changed to Rental Equipment Register – to be the voice of that industry.

With this contest, RER is thanking our readers for reading us all these years, in print and online.

And come visit us at the Rental Show in New Orleans at our booth. 

To enter the contest visit: RER Spring Giveaway.