Product of the Week - General Equipment Company Pro Polish floor polishing system

Product of the Week - General Equipment Company Pro Polish floor polishing system

Designed for use with popular models of single- and dual-head, low-speed surface grinders, General Equipment Company’s Pro Polish floor polishing system is designed to produce high-quality polished surfaces. Typical applications include concrete, marble and any other surface that can be polished.

The Pro Polish system utilizes a series of seven 10-inch diameter diamond-polishing pads. These pads secure to the appropriate surface grinder using Velcro. The chemistry of the diamond pads is specially formulated to operate at the lower rotational speeds commonly found in surface grinding equipment, including General Equipment’s SG12 and SG24 Series surface grinders.

Polishing pads range in composition from 50 to 3,000 grit and are color-coded to simplify the progression from one pad to the next. Users follow the pad color sequence until the desired results are obtained. Hardeners can be combined with pads, usually 400 grit and higher, to help intensify the brilliance of the floor shine.

The Pro Polish system is designed to be used by anyone from a seasoned contractor to do-it-yourself homeowner. When properly used to maximize service life, the system will polish up to 15,000 square feet of concrete, according to General Equipment.

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