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Product of the Week - Dustless Technologies DustBuddie shroud

Product of the Week - Dustless Technologies DustBuddie shroud

Dustless Technologies has expanded its DustBuddie line of universal-fit dust-control shrouds to work with worm drive and hypoid circular saws. The DustBuddie for 7-¼-inch Worm Drive Circular Saws is designed to capture harmful silica dust without using water. It captures dust at the point-of-origin, eliminating the messy and dangerous airborne dust created when cutting concrete and stone.

The shroud has been third-party tested and verified to comply with OSHA's Silica Rule and will keep the jobsite safe, clean, and regulation-compliant when used with a vacuum with sufficient air-flow and filtration.

The design of the new DustBuddie allows users to maintain a clear line-of-sight to the blade. 

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