Concrete & Masonry Saws


The TS 700 Cutquik features Stihl's X2 long-term air filtration system that minimizes downtime to help maximize profits. The cut-off machine is lightweight, well balanced and is equipped with a five-point dual element vibration control system. The Cutquik cart, designed exclusively for the TS 700, offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward machine weight orientation. A handle-mounted depth command lever allows rapid adjustment, and a large rubber dust guard helps protect the operator from flying debris.
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Edco's freestanding 20-inch professional masonry saw offers contractors an extra-large rolling table and an 8-inch cutting depth for cutting blocks in a single pass. A three-belt drive delivers power smoothly for faster cutting. Featuring a heavy-duty welded frame to minimize vibration, Edco's 20-inch masonry saws are available in 5- and 7.5-hp electric and 9- and 11-hp gasoline models. The gasoline-powered GMS-20 allows greater flexibility in jobsite placement and has a patented fixed-engine platform to eliminate low-oil situations.
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The Sawtec FS-150 walk-behind air saw cuts concrete and asphalt and is lighter weight than comparable gas saws. It requires less maintenance because there are no gas lines or carburetors to clog. The FS-150 saw is used for road patch work, small road repair jobs, curb cutting, sensor installation, utility work, demolition and for indoor use when cutting trench drains. The saw cuts dry or wet: A built-in adapter enables connection to a water hose for dust suppression or an optional self-contained water tank is available. The FS-150 features a 3,300 rpm, 7.5-hp air motor with gearbox design that increases power and torque for improved performance and a maximum 8-inch cutting depth.
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The SHS62 (pictured) and SHS81 gas cut-off saws from Stow slice concrete, tile, ceramics, pipe and more. Both models showcase a reversible blade flange to handle both 20-millimeter and 1-inch blade arbors and can operate either 12- or 14-inch blades. Weighing 21 and 23 pounds, respectively, the SHS62 and SHS81 have a triple-stage air filtration system that keeps dust and other damaging cutting debris out of the power source, ensuring maximum engine protection. The saws, powered by 4.7- and 6.3-hp 2-cycle gasoline engines, are ergonomically designed for simplified operator comfort and power on demand.
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Multiquip's Street Pro Series walk-behind saws are designed for rental operators, offering strength and durability. The three models — the SP1 Push, SP2 Push and SP2 self-propelled (pictured) — all feature a steel-box frame designed to extend saw life and reduce vibrations for maximum effectiveness while cutting concrete or asphalt. The SP1 gasoline version comes with an 18-inch blade guard and accommodates blades from 12 to 18 inches. The electric version is fitted with a 16-inch blade guard. The SP2 saw comes with a 20-inch blade guard on the gasoline push and self-propelled models and a 16-inch blade guard on the electric push model. Each model has rugged roller bearing wheels for longer service life, Honda gasoline or electric engines, an easy crank for raising and lowering cutting depth and a saw position guide for straight cuts.
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Bosch Power Tools

The 1365K 14-inch and 1364K 12-inch abrasive cut-off machine kits from Bosch remove sparks, dust and debris away from the operator but also offer the ability to reverse the cutting position if necessary. With AC/DC compatibility, each can also be plugged into a welder or generator. Built-in durability and longevity features include reinforced armature windings to protect the motor against abrasive dust and metal debris and ServiceMinder brushes that shut the machines off when preventive maintenance is needed. A reversible, wraparound side handle mounts either left or right for added convenience and versatility, while a large footplate improves stability and allows greater depth of cut. Both kits include a carrying case, abrasive masonry cutting wheel and metal cutting wheel.
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CS Unitec

The CSR 150 pneumatic walk-behind saw from CS Unitec weighs 107 pounds and is easily portable between work sites. A low maintenance air motor with gearbox eliminates the need to service belts, carburetors or fuel lines. The heavy-duty gearbox reduces the turning speed from 5,250 to 2,900 rpm to regulate blade speed and increase torque to cut hard materials. Rugged steel construction ensures long life and reduced vibration. The CSR 150 can be used for joint sawing, floor sawing, trenching, road repair and other cutting applications. A crank handle raises and lowers the blade for cutting depths up to 7 inches. The 9.5-hp saw is available with a blade capacity of up to 20 inches in diameter.
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RedMax's dust-free, heavy-duty cut-off saw is user friendly and has features that are suited for do-it-yourself rental customers. The HC510DV is equipped with a dust catcher that swallows up dust with no blowback. The 2-cycle engine is equipped with a semi-automatic decompression system that reduces starting effort and kickback. The 28.9-pound saw has a center balance design for accurate cuts. A semi-automatic blade belt tensioner requires no disassembly to make the adjustment; it can be done by loosening four bolts.
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Wacker's new BTS-L3 series of portable cut-off saws features a “long life lubrication” (L3) piston that is furnished with a special graphite surface coating to eliminate piston and cylinder overheating during continuous operations. The coating also provides added protection against dirt. Another new feature of the BTS series is the operator-friendly air cleaning system. This system directs the air flow so that the dust is automatically shaken off the preliminary filter through the machine's own vibration. Fingertip throttle control operates only when the throttle lock is depressed for added safety to the operator. Four models are available in the BTS series.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment's line of masonry block saws includes the lightweight portable Saw Devil MS1, and an extra rugged, heavy-duty professional block saw, the MS2 (pictured). The two models are offered with a variety of engine and blade guard options. The all-steel frames, sealed bearings and stationary engine platforms stand up to the most complicated block cutting. The saws also include features such as cast aluminum cutting carts with nylon wheels and non-slip rubber tops and an open-back design that allows rip cutting the entire length of larger blocks. An easy-to-clean polyethylene blade guard provides 210-degrees of blade coverage.
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