Compressor & Engine Air Filter Maintenance

GrimmerSchmidt Compressors, a division of Emglo Products, offers the following air filter service advice for its rotary screw series of compressors. The line includes models 125DRC, 185DRC, 125DRMSC/185DRMSC and 185DRDA.

Element replacement

  • Loosen the clamp that secures the dust cup to the body and remove the cover.

  • Remove the rubber baffle from the inside of the dust cup and empty the dirt from inside the cup.

  • Remove the wing nut from the end of the element and remove the element.

  • Clean the canister and dust cap with a damp cloth inside and out. Do not blow dirt out with compressed air.

  • Clean or replace the element.

  • Replace the wing nut after installing the element.

  • Reposition the cover and tighten the clamp. Install with arrow up.

  • Reset the air filter restriction indicator.


Prior to cleaning an air filter element, check it for damage and replace element if any damage is found. The element can be cleaned using compressed air but air pressure should never exceed 30 PSIG (200kPa). The element should be cleaned a maximum of six times and it should not be used longer than one year without changing.

When cleaning, reverse flush the element by directing the compressed air up and down the pleats in the filter media from the “clean side” of the element. Continue reverse flushing until all dust has been removed. Replace the element if any oil or greasy dirt remains on the filter surface.

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