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Product Spotlight, Compaction


The new BVP Series single-directional vibratory plates from Bomag include the BVP 10/36 (pictured) and BVP 18/45 models. Designed for a variety of jobs from soil compaction to asphalt, to pavers and patios, the base plate offers extra width for compaction below fences or boundaries. An optional Vulcolan mat helps prevent damage to paving stones or bricks. A water tank and sprinkler system are offered as options. Powered by air-cooled Honda gasoline engines, they feature an engine protection frame to help prevent damage.

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Stone Construction Equipment

The Bulldog trench rollers feature the Snap-Tek system, which allows a manual unit to be converted to remote operation by plugging in the receiver. The Snap-Tek system also supports the on-board diagnostics, electronic status readouts including an hour meter, engine rpm, battery voltage, low oil pressure and high engine temperature. In addition, the system provides quick-change capabilities on all electronic components for fast, easy service. The Bulldog is powered by a 20-hp Hatz Twin engine and is available with padfoot drums in 24-inch and 34-inch widths. It provides 15,000 pounds of centrifugal force for optimum compaction in a single pass.

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The Terex TV1200 tandem asphalt roller features a 6-in-1 joystick that is positioned to allow the operator to easily select all operational functions. This unit's dynamic braking system can be engaged when the joystick is in neutral or when the unit is shut off. Plastic fuel, water and hydraulic tanks reduce condensation and are encased in steel for maximum protection. All tanks are removable for cleaning and positioned to avoid vandalism. The TV1200 has an operating weight of 6,382 pounds, a centrifugal force of 6,776 pounds and a static linear load of 77.5 pounds per inch.

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The Multiquip Mikasa MTX70 rammer offers 3,350 pounds/blow of power. It is controlled with a single-lever control system that combines the throttle, start/stop and fuel shut-off functions into one lever. All MTX70 rammers come with a standard built-in hour meter/tachometer, which provides easy monitoring of required maintenance. The rammers are also equipped with new Cyclone Air Filtration systems that deliver triple the amount of clean air, lengthen the life of the product and require less maintenance.

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Doosan Infracore
Portable Power

Doosan Infracore Portable Power features three models from its light compaction equipment line of RX Series upright rammers. The RX Series is built for compacting materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. These models are designed to provide compaction solutions for a wide array of applications, including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation. The RX Series, which operates at 600 to 750 blows per minute, comes standard with Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engines.

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Sakai America offers its light equipment line, which includes plate compactors, a walk-behind roller, and single-drum and double-drum vibratory rollers. The plate compactor line includes five models designed to cover a range of asphalt and soil applications. Features include cast-iron sleeves, a forged crankshaft and twin bearings, and an abrasion-resistant alloy-steel plate that resists rust. All models come with fuel-efficient Honda engines that range from 2.8 to 9 hp.

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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson's new remote-controlled reversible plate, model DPU 130, produces 29,225 pounds of centrifugal force. The DPU 130 is operated by the company's smart-control infrared remote control, enabling the operator to fully control the unit without being exposed to hand-arm vibrations, exhaust fumes, dust or noise. The smart control's recognition sensor automatically stops the machine as soon as the safe distance between the operator and machine falls below two meters. Powered by a liquid-cooled, 33-hp Lombardini diesel engine, the DPU 130 weighs 2,612 pounds, has an operating width of 47.2 inches and can compact up to 24,025 square feet per hour.

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Pave Tech

Pave Tech's Paver Packer 50 combines a 24-inch-wide plate with a travel speed of 90-plus feet per minute and 5,000 pounds of force to provide greater productivity during compaction. The Paver Packer 50 is designed for compaction applications outside of a trench such as residential patios and driveways, and larger commercial projects.

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Dynapac's new series of LF forward compaction plates feature improved speed, flexibility and performance over previous models. Engineered for asphalt applications and available with a number of options to customize the plates, the new models are approximately 20-percent faster than their predecessors. The Dynapac LF75 (pictured) and LF100 plates are easily convertible from soil to asphalt applications and feature a specially engineered bottom plate and water distribution system to provide results for all types of asphalt jobs.

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Caterpillar introduces the CS44 and CP44 vibratory soil compactors, which compete in the 5.7- to 7.9-metric ton machine class and feature the Caterpillar dual-pump propel system that provides improved gradeability. The dual-pump propel system provides separate hydraulic flow to the rear wheels and the drum for tractive effort in soft underfoot conditions or steep slope applications, and is designed for control on a grade in forward and reverse. Both models feature the new Cat C4.4 engines with ACERT technology.

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Case Construction Equipment offers the DV Series tandem-drum vibratory rollers with engines that deliver 31 to 48 hp. The Case tandem-drum line features high centrifugal forces, dual frequency and a hydrostatic drive that provides traction and smooth performance even on steep slopes. The tandem-drum DV201, DV202 and DV204 (pictured) models range from operating weights of 5,510 to 7,720 pounds, with drum widths from 39.4 to 51.2 inches. Drum frequency on Case DV rollers ranges from 3,180 to 3,720 vpm with centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 8,877 pounds.

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Arrow Master

Arrow-Master offers a line of vibratory plate compactors with a vibration system that incorporates a full-width weight shaft and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings directly into the base. Each unit has a reversible guide handle and double-formed leading edge for improved climbing. The protective roll bar gives greater engine and component protection with a balanced attachment point at the center for lifting. The P-Series vibratory plate compactors feature travel speeds up to 135 feet per minute, and centrifugal forces ranging from 2,500 to 5,300 pounds.

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The Volvo DD22 and DD24 (pictured) double-drum asphalt compactors are designed for light- and medium-duty applications. The DD22 has a drum width of 39 inches and an operating weight of 5,400 pounds. The DD24 has a drum width of 47 inches and an operating weight of 5,725 pounds. The front and rear drums on both compactors protrude beyond the frame, making it easier to compact around obstructions without the chassis getting in the way and giving operators a clear view of drum edges. The propulsion system features hydrostatic drive to both drums in the series to provide a quality mat.

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