Mixing Systems Shake Up Materials for Maximum Color Distribution

Stow Construction Equipment, a division of Multiquip, introduces Collomix, a line of nine versatile mixing systems that make quick work of mixing everything from grout, concrete and mortar to paint, epoxy and dyes. These machines are designed for use in dry wall, remodeling, decorative concrete, flooring, painting, tile, stucco, restoration and brick/block laying.

“Collomix products are a great fit for the rental industry because unlike general ‘big box’ rental equipment, they target specialists,” says Bruce Coleman, product manager for Stow. “These portable mixing systems quickly blend paint, epoxy, grout, concrete and much more, achieving a perfect mix with even color distribution and no material clumping in less than 90 seconds.”

The Collomix line features five hand-held mixers. These units are rugged and ergonomically designed to incorporate the natural position of the hands and arms, enabling the operator to maintain an upright body posture throughout the mixing process. The units are offered in single- and dual-speed models, as well as single- and dual-shaft configurations.

Collomix also offers four versatile forced-action mixing stations for maximum efficiency. Also, a hand-guided mixing station is available that can easily mount any of the hand-held mixers. This portable support station is designed to provide an effective platform with minimum operator effort. All mixing stations fit in an elevator and can be moved up stairs for work in apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and other multistory dwellings.

Verified by Bruce Coleman, product manager for Stow.
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Power: 230/110-volt, 50/60 Hz

Bucket capacity: 2 to 3 cubic feet

Mixing time: 90 seconds

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