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Product of the Week – EDCO Single-Disc Wedge-Less Grinder

Jan. 7, 2014
EDCO will debut the Single-Disc Wedge-Less Grinder at World of Concrete Jan. 21-24 and The Rental Show Feb. 9-12. The new Wedge-Less Grinders have EDCO's exclusive Leveling System that adjusts the machine’s height, allowing operators to quickly attach many accessories of different sizes and purposes. WedgeLess Grinders allow these accessories to make level contact with floor surfaces, which increases productivity, extends accessory life and creates predictable results.

The Single Disc model features gear-driven power, compact dimensions to access small areas, enhanced dust prevention, and front-loading weight trays.

In addition, EDCO has eliminated the need for accessory-holding wooden wedges. Our entire accessory line, including the classic Dyma-Serts and Strip-Serts, and new accessories, including the EDCO Arrow, Dyma-Dots, EDCO Peaks and PCDs all simply slide on to the redesigned multi-accessory discs, decreasing rental turn-around times and increasing production.