Abrasives & Blades

Oct. 1, 2009
Hilti Hilti's new circular saw blade portfolio includes blades for framing, finishing, wet or pressure-treated lumber, and general purpose applications.


Hilti's new circular saw blade portfolio includes blades for framing, finishing, wet or pressure-treated lumber, and general purpose applications. The blades feature ultra-thin kerf technology that delivers smooth cuts and fast performance while helping reduce operator fatigue through increased handling comfort. The laser-fused carbide teeth, made from high-strength steel provide long blade life, and the 5/8-inch arbor with a diamond knockout allow the blades to work seamlessly with almost any professional circular saw.
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The F400E silent core blade series from Husqvarna are designed to cut cured concrete and were developed to mimic the low noise level an electric saw produces, keeping the entire operation at the lowest sound level possible. The F400E series for floor saws use steel cores made with sandwich technology, which prevents harmonics in vibrations, specifically the high pitch/frequency range, resulting in a spectacular noise level drop of 7-10 decibels. Specifically designed for medium- to high-horsepower saws, these blades come in three grades of bond hardness for wet cutting of cured concrete.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers a full line of diamond blades including split segment blades. The 12-inch- and 14-inch-diameter split segment blades are designed to offer versatility, fast cutting, longer life and lower vibrations. The key to the technology is the increased number of segments. By doubling the number of segments, the angle of contact to the material is reduced to provide faster cutting with lower vibrations. Additionally, there are more exit points for dust particles, keeping the blade cooler and ultimately increasing its usable life. The combination of a softer bond and increased air flow allows these blades to effectively work on almost any material on the jobsite.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment's new saw blade line, designed to complement its Saw Devil masonry and concrete saw lines, covers the most common sizes for the vast majority of cutting applications. The 26 primarily general-purpose blades in the line fall into two categories — Saw-lect, the value line, and Saw-preme, the premium line. The laser-welded blades are well balanced and flatter, delivering faster, straighter cuts. The blades range in size from 12 to 20 inches, with bond ratings from 3 to 8 to cut brick, block, stone, cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt and asphalt over concrete.
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Abmast Inc.

Abmast offers its triple-reinforced PVC pipe-cutting blades designed specifically for cutting PVC pipe safely and securely. Available in 4 sizes, the blades are suitable for use on either gas or electric high-speed saws.
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DeWalt introduces its new precision trim saw blades designed for high-end trim work including moldings, staircases, cabinets, windows, flooring, hand railings and additional crosscutting and ripping applications in premium materials. The precision trim line includes 8 ½- , 10- and 12-inch saw blades. For optimal accuracy, DeWalt designed the precision trim saw blades with a thin kerf, laser-cut hardened steel plate, which allows for fast, smooth cutting with minimal material waste. The laser-cut expansion slots, along with the harmonic slots, both cut into the body of the blade, help dampen vibration providing a more accurate finish.
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The new Norton 4x4 is designed to allow contractors to move between many types of materials while achieving high productivity. The 4x4 is suited for use in concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, building materials, thin steel sections, angle iron up to ½-inch material thickness and rebar up to No. 5. The new 4x4 is designed with the patent-pending steel core design used in the DUO family of blades, featuring stroboscopic depth indicators. The patented ellipsoidal-shaped gullets help resist cracking and keep the cut cleaned out under extreme conditions. A tall .472-inch laser-welded diamond segment offers multi-purpose cutting in a wide range of materials without sacrificing performance or price.
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Diteq Corp.

Diteq introduces the TEQ-ZEK grinding wheel, an aggressive 16-grit wheel made of silicon carbide to its line of abrasive products. This type 27 wheel is efficient for the removal of surface coatings, epoxies, paint, rust and stucco off concrete, metal or fiberglass. The backing of this wheel is solid plastic for durability and long life.
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