Aug. 1, 2005
SAW SAVVY Stay safe and keep saws well-maintained with these tips from Bosch Power Tools. What safety or operating tips should rental companies give novice


Stay safe and keep saws well-maintained with these tips from Bosch Power Tools.

  1. What safety or operating tips should rental companies give novice operators?

    • Most important is to read the safety and operator's manual prior to use, which will discuss the various safety recommendations appropriate to each saw.
    Some other basic points include:
    • Wear proper work and safety attire. Never wear loose or baggy clothing or jewelry, and remember to tie up long hair.
    • Wear approved safety goggles and ear protection.
    • Work in a safe environment. Operators should work only in an environment that is free of hazards, is dry and well lit, and is free of clutter and distractions.
    • Power cords: Prior to operating any corded tool, users should check that all electrical cords — including the one attached to the tool — are free of kinks, frays or exposed wires.
    • Examine the tool. Before plugging in the tool, make sure guards operate smoothly and quickly, switches function properly, and accessories are tightened in place.
    • Choose the right accessory. Like the tires on a car, the blade or bit is the only thing that stands between the operator and the material. If a blade is dull, not the right width, or a bit is stripped or worn, it can create a dangerous situation. Always select the right accessory for the job. And if you are not sure, ask.
    • Body positioning: Properly balance yourself with your footing and positioning, and do not overreach. As with all power tools, make sure the work being done with the tool is at a comfortable working level for you. Working above your head or below your waist can cause you to lose some strength and leverage over the tool.
    • Pay attention: When operating any tool, make sure it has 100 percent of your attention. Be able to react.
  2. Describe the maintenance routine necessary to keep saws in prime operating condition between rentals. Miter, Table and Circular Saws:
    • Ensure complete functionality of the saw's blade guard. Check that bearings at blade guard pivot points function properly.
    • Blow off any residual dust left on or in saw.
    • Check blade for replacement.
    • Check cord for any damage and replace if necessary.
    Miter Saw:
    • Make sure blade is square in relation to fence.
    • Check old brushes for signs of abnormal wear patterns, chipping or burning. Replace if necessary.
    • Make sure all extra components, such as wrenches, dust shroud, and guard, are present.
    Table Saw:
    • Make sure the table is as clean and smooth as possible.
    • Check the rip fence for smoothness.
    • Check old brushes for signs of abnormal wear patterns, chipping or burning. Replace if necessary.
    • Make sure all moving parts function smoothly, such as raising and lowering the motor/blade and beveling.
    • Make sure all extra components, such as wrenches, dust shroud, and guard, are present.
    Circular Saw:
    • Check old brushes for signs of abnormal wear patterns, chipping or burning. Replace if necessary.
    • Look for missing levers or hardware.
    • Make sure bevel and depth of cut adjustments operate smoothly.
    Reciprocating Saw:
    • Make sure blade holder is tight and functioning properly.
    • Makes sure the foot moves properly.
    • Check old brushes for signs of abnormal wear patterns, chipping or burning. Replace if necessary.
    • Check cord for any damage and replace if necessary.


Multiquip's line of Tile Pro saws is designed for cutting on ceramics, stone and masonry materials. All three models — the TP1024, TP1020 and TP7 — have a rugged portable frame assembly and come standard with removable water tray, sturdy aluminum conveyor cart with injected molded padding, high-flow maintenance-free submersible pump, water-cooled blade shaft bearing assembly and hinged aluminum blade guard. The TP1024 and TP1020 tile saws come standard with a 10-inch premium tile blade, while a 7-inch premium tile blade accompanies the TP7.
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Edco's freestanding 20-inch professional masonry saw offers contractors an extra-large rolling table and an 8-inch cutting depth for cutting blocks in a single pass. A three-belt drive delivers power smoothly for faster cutting. Featuring a heavy-duty welded frame to minimize vibration, Edco's 20-inch masonry saws are available in 5- and 7.5-hp electric and 9- and 11-hp gasoline models. The gasoline-powered GMS-20 allows greater flexibility in jobsite placement and has a patented fixed-engine platform to eliminate low-oil situations.
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The new model 570 chain saw is designed to help increase operator productivity, and new technology helps the engine run more efficiently in terms of emissions and fuel usage. The new X-TORQ engine delivers high torque over a wide rpm range, resulting in better cutting performance even with a dull chain. X-TORQ also reduces fuel consumption by 20 percent, providing longer running times for rental users. The saw is also equipped with Husqvarna's Air Injection system, which removes up to 97 percent of dust before it enters the filter, increasing run time and performance between filter cleanings.

Cari Bernhart, sales manager for Steubenville, Ohio-based M&M True Value Hardware, is pleased with the low maintenance of the 570. “Husqvarna's 570 saw is ideal for rent or purchase,” Bernhart says. “When you put it in a log it doesn't bog down. With so many new features, the maintenance is minimal.”
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DeWalt's new heavy-duty deep cut variable speed band saw, model D28770, is equipped with a 6-amp motor to withstand any application. The 15-pound saw allows users to cut any material up to 4¾-inches thick in either a circular or rectangular stock. The D28770 has eight ball bearings for durability, and its aluminum castings are protected by a rubber bumper to help withstand abuse. For easier storage, the D28770 has an integrated hang hook so it can be hung without damaging the castings or front handle.
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Makita introduces four new 73 cc and 64 cc power cutters. The four new models are the DPC7310, DPC7311 (pictured), DPC6410 and the DPC6411. The power cutters come equipped with a five-stage filter system with Advanced Directional Air Flow to ensure clean air for increased saw performance and long engine life. A computer-controlled ignition system with large flywheel and rare earth magnets works to create more efficient power for the user. For added versatility, a reinforced aluminum blade guard has a 70-degree range of limitless positioning and the user is able to change the blade from central to outbound position for lateral cuts.
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The new Stow Cutter 3 Slab Saws are designed for strength, durability and performance to meet a range of asphalt and concrete cutting applications. The Cutter 3 is now available with a 20-inch blade guard and handles 16-, 18- and 20-inch blades. It is available in either self-propelled or push versions. The three self-propelled units are powered with 13- or 20-hp Honda Cyclone engines. The Cutter 3 has a reinforced steel box frame that resists warping and adds the strength necessary to reduce vibrations during operation.
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Milwaukee Electric Tool

Milwaukee Electric Tool introduces two new products in the Super Sawzall reciprocating saw family. The two new saws offer orbital cutting action with a variable speed trigger zero to 3,000 spm for the fastest cutting and less time on the job. They have a 1¼-inch cutting stroke. The Super Sawzall model 6523-21 has a 360-degree rotating handle that locks at 45-degree increments and can continuously rotate in either direction without having to go back to the starting position. The trigger can stay on while rotating, providing optimal user comfort in various cutting applications.
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The 352s chain saw offers 35.2 cc displacement, 2.5 hp and weighs 9.5 pounds. Features include an inertia chain brake system, dual bar studs, an easy pull Sure Start recoil starting system and a convenient thumb screw access on the air filter cover. For operator convenience, the 352s also comes standard with both a nylon mesh air filter for damp climates, and a flocked air filter for dry, dusty conditions.
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The JS-110 joint cleanout saw from Sawtec is a walk-behind cutting saw for joint cleanout, concrete sawing and trench cutting. It features an 11-hp gas engine, positioned for maximum stability. The saw cuts to a 3-inch depth and to within 1¼ inches of front walls. Screw-down, fine depth control allows the operator to set and gauge depth of cut. A new double pointer increases visibility and improves cutting accuracy. A blade guard designed with upcut rotation enables dust extraction and allows quick connection to a dust collection system for a cleaner jobsite.
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The GZ4000 chain saw is equipped with RedMax' dust-free system, which prevents sawdust and other debris from clogging the air intake and overheating the engine. The rear handle saw is powered by a 40.1 cc engine, rated at 2.45 hp. The Strato-Charged engine is clean-air compliant, without the need for a hot, heavy catalytic converter. The 9.5-pound saw has a fuel capacity of .65 pints.
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Target's Tilematic and Super Tilematic tile saws feature new components to make tile cutting easier for the operator. The Tilematic G2 cuts 16 inches diagonally while the Super Tilematic G2 (pictured) will cut 22 inches diagonally. The new galvanized pan will resist rust while the new bladeshaft lock is designed to make blade removal easier. Both saws have the ability to make spring-assisted plunge cuts and feature cam adjustment to aid in belt tensioning. The 1.5-hp Baldor continuous-duty motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled. It is available as a single voltage in the Tilematic G2 or as single or dual voltage in the Super Tilematic G2.
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The new RotoZip Jigsaw Handle Attachment Kit is designed to transform any RotoZip Spiral Saw into a comfortable, stable and easy-to-use 360-degree cutting tool. The jigsaw handle attachment provides users with a comfortable soft-grip handhold for guiding the tool 360 degrees in any direction. Whether cutting out countertops for sinks or vent openings in flooring, the new jigsaw handle eliminates the need for users to constantly reposition their hand or the tool.
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John Deere

John Deere Pro-Series chain saws are available in two low-emission models, the CS36LE and CS40LE, which feature a 35.2-cc and 39-cc engine with 2.1 and 2.4 hp respectively. With bar sizes available from 14 to 18 inches, these saws weigh 9.5 pounds and are ergonomically designed for maneuverability and operating comfort, while providing high-speed cutting and increased productivity with progressive torque. Both models have a no-oil-at-idle feature that reduces consumption and works in conjunction with the new low-emission engine to keep the environment cleaner.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The Stone Saw Devil MS1 (pictured) is a lightweight, portable block saw, while the MS2 is an extra rugged, heavy-duty professional block saw. Both models are offered with a variety of engine and blade guard options, and feature all-steel frames, sealed bearings and stationary engine platforms that stand up to the most complicated block cutting. The MS1 cuts blocks to 5-inch depths with a 14-inch blade capacity. The MS2 is designed for stationary production cutting. It cuts blocks to an 8-inch depth with a 20-inch blade capacity.
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Mi-T-M's new Cool Cut metal-cutting saw can cut mild steel up to 5/16 inches, aluminum up to 3/8 inches, and stainless-steel up to ¼ inches thick, producing little heat with virtually burr-free cutting. Its cover design collects more than 90 percent of the chips and sparks. The saw has a 3,500-rpm, 6-amp, 120-volt motor with a 2-inch depth of cut. The saw features a 7-inch blade diameter, chip collector and blade housing, zinc-plated steel base and a guide handle with a guide edge. It also has a 45-degree bevel angle adjustment capacity and a soft comfort grip handle.
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Equipped with Smart Power and a two-point cutting angle lock to keep the blade securely in place, the new Hilti WSC 267-E circular saw has the power of a worm drive and a compact design. The Smart Power system allows the WSC 267-E to maintain constant blade speed under load. With an automatic variable amperage motor, this 13.5-amp tool also features six speed settings to let the operator adjust the cutting speed to the job. For increased precision, each saw features a special two-point cutting angle lock for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.
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Hitachi Power Tools

The new 12-inch compound miter saw from Hitachi Power Tools features an LCD digital miter and bevel scale for increased precision and accuracy. The C12LCH saw is powered by a 15-amp motor with 1,950 watts of max output power to cut through hardwoods with ease. The miter ranges from zero to 52 degrees to the right and the left, for a broader range of cuts. Miter angles can be adjusted using Hitachi's thumb-actuated positive stops. An Elastomer grip covers the saw's horizontal handle, reducing vibration while adding comfort and preventing slippage. The LCD scale is located at the front of the saw above the miter scale adjustment knob, allowing the user to quickly and accurately set both the bevel and miter angles.
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The Stihl MS 361 C chain saw features low vibration and the added protection of the exclusive QS braking system, which features an additional manually activated chain brake that is designed to engage when the operator's right hand completely releases the rear handle, stopping the chain within less than one second. The all-weather chain saw has a repositioned tank vent, located on the clutch side instead of the flywheel side of the chain, providing superior protection from debris, dirt and moisture. A gravity cast cylinder with a four-port system produces lower emissions and a high power output, with less displacement.

Mark Chisholm, part owner and field leader for Aspen Tree Expert Co., in Jackson, N.J., says the MS 361 C is a popular saw for his crew for felling trees, de-limbing the trunk, and cutting up firewood. “I like the power to weight ratio,” he says. “For the amount of power it delivers, it is amazingly light and easy to operate. There's also very little vibration and that means less fatigue after hours of use.”
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