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Feb. 1, 2012
Point-of-Rental Systems Point-of-Rental Systems' Enterprise software for Windows is a complete rental management system designed with the combination

Point-of-Rental Systems

Point-of-Rental Systems' Enterprise software for Windows is a complete rental management system designed with the combination of practical rental experience and the latest technological advances. It is designed to handle all types and sizes of rental operations, and is replete with automated services and integrated processes to improve the efficiency and productivity of a rental business.

The Rental Show Booth 5525
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Jenny Products

Jenny Products offers its line of K-Series electric wheeled-portable compressors, designed to meet the demands of homeowner and professional contractor customers. The K-Series features the “K” pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage cast-iron compressor pump. The series consists of three different horsepower — 1, 1.5 and 2 — and four basic air tank configurations — 8, 15, 17 and 30 gallon. Operating on 115- or 230-volt single-phase power, K-Series compressors can deliver as much as 8.4 cfm at 100 psi for quick recovery. An optional dual-voltage feature allows for easy switching between 120 and 230 volt, whereas a dual-control option offers start/stop or constant-run operation.

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Bomag's BT60/4 and BT65/4 tampers offer the operating convenience of a four-cycle engine while maintaining the high stroke and impact force of a two-cycle model. In addition, the tampers can be transported in a horizontal position without concern for oil contamination of the cylinder, muffler, carburetor or air filter. The BT60/4 weighs 137 pounds and delivers up to 3,035 pounds of impact force with a maximum compaction depth of 22 inches. The BT65/4 weighs 150 pounds and delivers up to 3,642 pounds of impact force with a maximum compaction depth of 26 inches. The maximum travel speed of both models is 66 feet per minute, and they produce 600 to 708 impacts per minute.

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Dosko's 200-6H Mini foldable stump grinder weighs 134 pounds and is equipped with fold-down handlebars. The Mini is designed to be easy for rental customers to transport and fits in SUVs, minivans and some larger car trunks. Long-lasting Leonardi teeth provide effective cutting capability.

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Gravely introduces the new Pro-24 brush cutter for clearing dense vegetation, brush and tree saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter. The Pro-24 features an 11.5-hp, 344-cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Series engine. With a 24-inch cutting width, a 3.3-inch cutting height and a blade tip speed of 16,100 feet per minute, the brush cutter is suited for cutting overgrowth or heavy brush. Additional features include a 0.7-gallon fuel capacity and a ground speed of up to 4.7 mph. Its lightweight design and self-propelled variable-speed drive system make it easy to maneuver.

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Dynapac PL500T (pictured) and PL500TD 20-inch compact cold planers are available as three- or four-wheeled units. The cold planers feature a maximum cutting depth of 6.3 inches for the PL500T and 7.9 inches for the PL500TD. Each model is powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 C110/C130 diesel engine. Special drums for demarcation work and fine-spaced cutting drums are designed to be easy and quick to change. Smaller drums with an adapted scraper blade and a side-cutting wheel are available as options on both models.

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Bandit Industries

The all-new Model 2250XP self-propelled stump grinder from Bandit Industries uses a heavy-duty hydrostatic motor to directly power its 20-inch diameter cutter wheel. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt-tensioning system and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components, which results in a stump grinder that requires less maintenance than similar machines, the maker says. It features a 27-hp gas engine driving two hydraulic pumps — one for the self-propelled undercarriage and one for the cutter wheel. The hydrostatic motor at the cutter wheel is a heavy-duty, 40-cc unit that uses an oversize bearing to manage the side load and shock loads associated with stump grinding.

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Allen Engineering

Allen Engineering Corp., which acquired the Miller Power Buggy line in December 2010, will introduce the former Miller Power Buggies — now branded as Allen Power Buggies — with a new name and color at The Rental Show. After acquiring the Miller Power Buggy line, AEC began manufacturing the buggies in its Paragould, Ark., factory where it could apply its design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. The full line of Allen Power Buggies, including the new AT16 Track Drive Buggy will be on display at the show.

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