Compaction Equipment

Oct. 1, 2006
Bomag The Bomag BW100AD-4 tandem ride-on vibratory roller offers large roller performance and productivity in a compact frame. The roller is powered by


The Bomag BW100AD-4 tandem ride-on vibratory roller offers large roller performance and productivity in a compact frame. The roller is powered by a 33.7-hp, 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota diesel engine and has an operating weight of 5,291 pounds with 39.4-inch wide drums. The unit has a frequency of 4,200 vibrations per minute, a 6-percent increase over the previous model. It also offers a performance increase of 15 percent over the model it replaces and produces up to 8,550 pounds of centrifugal force per drum.
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Pave Tech

The Paverpacker 140 reversible plate rammer is designed for the compaction of base material and for setting 10-cm pavers. The 14,000-pound centrifugal allows compaction for 6-inch loose base material. Both electric and crank start come standard on the unit. The 140 model is powered by a Hatz 1D50 10.3-hp diesel engine and has a dead weight of 880 pounds.
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The Wacker BS 50-4s and BS 60-4s 4-cycle rammers offer low oil shutoff to protect the engine. The electronic capacitive sensor switch is mounted into the bottom of the crankcase. Upon starting the units, should the sensor detect no oil or low oil, a red, flashing light signals the operator and the engine will shut off within about 10 seconds. The rammer is powered by the WM 90 2.8-hp engine that is designed to withstand the vibration of a rammer application. The BS 50-4s weighs 137 pounds and hits with 2,645 pounds per blow at a rate of 680 bpm and is capable of achieving a compaction depth of up to 18 inches.
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Caterpillar's new utility-sized asphalt compactors, the CB-334E (pictured) and CB-335E, are engineered for rental customers, contractors and agencies that require maneuverability and tight turning radius for the maintenance of streets, alleys and other paths. The CB-334E includes front and rear drums with a 51-inch compaction width and an operating weight of 8,688 pounds. The CB-335E includes a 51-inch wide front drum and four smooth rear tires with an operating weight of 8,092 pounds. Both models feature a 4-cylinder, 46-hp Caterpillar 3024C diesel engine.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools

Atlas Copco's HC 409 and HC 920 hydraulic compactor attachments are built for a variety of soil compaction projects as well as driving and extracting sheeting and posts. Accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 20 gpm at 2,200 psi of pressure, the HC 409 delivers an 8,000-pound impulse force and produces 2,100 cycles per minute. To reduce problems associated with excessive hydraulic input, the plates come with a control valve designed to regulate the input flow and the amount of pressure traveling to the hydraulic motor.
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Multiquip's MVC-80 Series vibratory plate compactors feature a new anti-vibration handle system that reduces operator fatigue while boosting productivity. With centrifugal force of 2,925 pounds, the MVC-80s are suited to compacting granular soils and asphalt. At maximum speed, the unit can compact up to 72 feet of material per minute. The forward plate compactors are offered with 5.7-hp Robin and 5.5-hp Honda gasoline engines and have exciter speeds of 5,580 rpm. Other standard features include a 13.7-quart plastic water tank that is easy to remove and requires no plumbing or installation and a lifting bale for pickup, eliminating the need to use a lifting strap or hookup.
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With four models, the VMF series is designed for easy and effective compaction of asphalt, granular soil and other non-cohesive materials. Powered by diesel or gasoline engines, depending on the model, the machines have working widths ranging from 13.7 to 19.6 inches and are capable of handling a wide range of compaction jobs. For asphalt tasks, all models can be equipped with a water sprinkling system. For ease of transport, the guide bar is removable on the VMF 70 (pictured) and 90.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The WolfPac 6100 double-drum vibration asphalt roller is designed for confined area asphalt compaction of base, binder and finish coats. The design allows the operator to direct the vibration to both the front and rear drums. The operator can activate the vibration to the specific drum or drum combination through a specially designed electro-hydraulic circuit combined with a custom-designed manifold. At 47 inches wide with 6,518 pounds of impact, the roller is built for roads and shoulders, commercial and industrial foundations, parking lots, driveways and other confined areas.
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Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand's DX-700E vibratory walk-behind compactor weighs 1,635 pounds and is designed for asphalt, mixed soil and sub-base aggregate applications. The double-drum model is powered by a liquid-cooled, 6-hp Kubota diesel engine. Standard features include an electric start, front and rear drum scrapers, fold-up guide handles, a center-mount lifting hook and an automatic shutoff. The compact design provides a 9.7-inch curb clearance and a 1.02-inch side clearance for working in confined spaces.
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The Terex TV900 asphalt roller is powered by a 22-hp Kubota engine and features a 6-in-1 control lever and heavy-duty articulated chassis. An ergonomic steering arm and low noise levels combine to improve operator comfort. A ROPS canopy and anti-vandal protection come standard on the TV900. A hydraulic power pack is optional.
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MBW's universal vibratory platform is designed to raise productivity in trench compaction. The boom-mounted vibratory platform can be fitted with an assortment of vibratory wheels or vibratory plates, depending on soil type and work area constraints. The universal vibratory platform also brings versatility to trench compaction. Because vibration and down pressure are variably coupled, the full range of soil types are handled, and plates and wheels can be quickly interchanged on site.
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