July 1, 2002
MBW MBW has redesigned its line of non-hydraulic reversible vibratory plates, introducing them as the GPR 65/68 series. Designed for narrow utility trench


MBW has redesigned its line of non-hydraulic reversible vibratory plates, introducing them as the GPR 65/68 series. Designed for narrow utility trench work or confined areas such as tight footing or foundation work where turning space is limited, the plates are dependable and economic alternatives for a variety of compaction needs. Powered by 5.5-hp Honda engines and featuring dual eccentric design for 6,000 pounds of solid centrifugal force, the plates have a fingertip shifting mechanism that permits directional changes at full speed. Double isolated shock mounts protect the operator by insulating the engine and engine deck, reducing hand/arm vibration. A roll cage with a center lift point protects the engine and makes transporting the compact units more convenient.
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Through the use of a patented oil-injection system, Wacker engineers have created an oil-injected rammer that outperforms all other oil-injected and 4-cycle rammers. The rammer, which meets EPA's 2004 engine requirements, runs up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil, offers a 120 to 1 fuel/oil ratio, eliminates premixing gas and oil, prevents spark plug fouling and carbon buildup, prevents fumes, smoke and straight gas damage to engine. The new oil-injected rammers are powered by Wacker's exclusive WM 80 engine.
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New Holland Construction

New Holland Construction enters the compaction marketplace with its full line of vibratory compactors, which are equipped with closed-circuit hydrostatic drives for improved traction on all types of terrain. The CV series includes six models — CV700, CV900, CV1100, CV1500, CV2000 and CV2500, ranging from 7 to 25 metric tons. A Cummins power plant aboard each CV unit provides reliability, with net hp ranging from 100 to 200. All models come equipped with the standard smooth drum and can be fitted with pad-foot rollers or a pad-foot kit for rough compaction to finishing work.
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The new C820C, C830C and C840C series of single-drum vibratory rollers from Hypac deliver improved compaction force, gradeability and tractive effort for greater productivity on a wide variety of soil types. All rollers include hydrostatic travel and vibration drives. To ensure full drum contact, even on irregular terrain, all units feature a maintenance-free, bolt-on oscillating/articulation center joint that delivers 12-degree oscillation. A generous steering angle of 35 degrees provides high maneuverability on tight job sites.
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The BPC1535 and BPC1850 forward travel plates offer low hand/arm vibration. The plates have a fold down handle for easy transportation and a centrifugal force of 3,375 (BPC1535) and 4,050 (BPC1850) pounds. Other features include full guard for complete protection, cast base plate for durability, tubular protection frame and a Honda GX160 engine.
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IR Road Development Group, a business unit of Ingersoll-Rand, introduces the BX-6WH to its line of single-direction, vibratory plate compactors. The addition of the BX-6WH to the BX series offers contractors a choice for compaction rates on granular soil, crushed aggregates and hot mix asphalt. Powered by a 3.5-hp, 4-cycle, air-cooled Honda engine and equipped with recoil-start technology, the plate offers an operating weight of 150 pounds and 2,650 pounds of centrifugal force. It has a compaction frequency of 5,500 vpm.
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Pave Tech

Pave Tech announces the latest addition to its family of paving installation products. Revo compactors from Holland join Pave Tech with its full line of equipment. This line of compactors is now available in North America from Pave Tech.
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The RV series rammer offers greater productivity with a low center of gravity and balance. The five bearings, precision machined gear drive and twin sets of fully encapsulated double springs provide harder impacts in all weight classes. The patented shock-absorbing ferro-silicon rubber bellows sends the impact into the ground where it belongs and keeps it from coming back up into the machine for longer component life. Coupled with the heavy doughnut style handle isolators for safety and productivity, vibration is kept away from the most important component — the operator.
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Combining dual travel pumps, no-spin differential and standard drum drive, Bomag's new BW124-3 single-drum vibratory roller series offers enhanced tractive effort and gradeability. The series includes the 7,275-pound BW124DH-3, a smooth drum model designed for working on granular and mixed soil applications and the 7,385-pound BW124PDH-3, a padfoot drum unit that delivers maximum productivity on cohesive and semi-cohesive materials.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Powered by a 4-hp, 4-cycle Honda engine, the Stone stomper XJ834HG rammer pounds the ground with 3,400 pounds of impact. This product starts and operates easily with low emissions to meet the toughest standards.
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Multiquip's vibratory rollers are rugged, dependable and are available in three models — walk-behind tandem, ride-on tandem drum and single drum. Multiquip's Mikasa division has five walk-behind vibratory rollers. The units are available with gasoline or diesel engines and feature hydrostatic drive, water tanks and spray bars for asphalt compacting.
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Tramac adds the TCH-120 cutting head to its line of rotary cutting heads. With a maximum input power of 120 to 160 hp, the product fits on carriers from 27.5 to 38.5 tons. Optimum production is achieved with a combination of flow (63 to 95 gpm) and pressure (3,625 to 5,440 psi) for specific applications.
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