Compaction Equipment

Oct. 1, 2009
Doosan Infracore Portable Power Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers its BX Series of vibratory plate compactors, which feature maneuverability on the

Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers its BX Series of vibratory plate compactors, which feature maneuverability on the jobsite, compaction in confined areas and fold-over handles that provide ease of storage. All six models are powered by Honda four-cycle engines at 3,600 rpm, with recoil start engineered to provide years of dependable operation. These compactors are used for the compaction of granular soils, crushed aggregates and hot-mix asphalt on small- to large-sized open jobsites.
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The Case lineup of 200 Series vibratory compaction rollers combines climbing ability, high centrifugal forces, 360-degree visibility and up to 36 hours of operation per fuel fill. Designed to efficiently handle imposing inclines, the SV208, SV210, SV212 (pictured) and SV216 models give customers solutions in compaction applications for road and highway construction, residential and commercial construction, waste management and rental. Case rollers come in a smooth-drum configuration for compaction of loose and semi-cohesive material and rock fill and a padfoot model designed for operating in semi-cohesive and cohesive materials. An optional shell kit is available for the smooth-drum model to be converted into the padfoot for maximum versatility.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The Silver Fox series of forward plate compactors consists of eight models including a plate designed specifically for optimum performance on asphalt — the SFA3500. Additional models include a small 13-inch-wide SFP2200/SFP2200A, the all-purpose SFP3000/SFP3000A, the all-purpose professional SFP4000/SFP4000A, and for larger dirt jobs the SFP5100. All models are available with a variety of engines for compacting all types of surfaces including asphalt, dirt, granular soils, sand and paving stones.
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Vibratory plate compactors from Arrow-Master offer a unique vibration system that incorporates a full-width weight shaft and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings directly into the base, making the Arrow-Master P-Series Plate compactors the hardest hitting compactors in their class, according to the company. Each unit also has a reversible guide handle and double-formed leading edge for improved climbing. The protective roll bar gives greater engine and component protection with a balanced attachment point at the center for lifting. The P-Series compactors feature travel rates up to 135 feet per minute and centrifugal forces ranging from 2,500 to 5,300 pounds.
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Bomag introduces the BPR100/80D reversible plate compactor designed for large projects. It offers contractors and rental customers a faster working speed and greater compaction force, as well as advanced productivity and control features. Designed for work on granular, cohesive and mixed soils, the BPR100/80D features a 14.75-hp Hatz air-cooled diesel engine. Its new vibratory exciter design provides a maximum working speed of 88.6 feet per minute, and a gradeability of 35 percent. Maximum vibration frequency is 3,360 vibrations per minute and centrifugal force is 22,500 pounds. The BPR100/80 also comes standard with Bomag's Economizer system to detect soil stiffness and help achieve optimum compaction.
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The new Rammax RW3015 P4B ride-on roller from Multiquip offers improved compaction and ergonomics. A 48.8-hp Kubota diesel engine produces 19,100 pounds of centrifugal force at 3,000 rpm and operates at 7,495 pounds. The new cab design on the trench roller is shock mounted to minimize vibration and offer improved operator comfort. Its 4-way dozer blade and padded roller make it easy to backfill and compact trenches from 54 to 63 inches wide. The Rammax RW3015 P4B ride-on roller is designed with forward/reverse travel single pedal controls and easy access to all hoses for improved serviceability. For maximum traction and efficiency of drive motors, the roller is equipped with a Poclain Hydraulics Twin Lock system.
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The Terex TV1200 tandem asphalt roller offers a 6-in-1 joystick that is well positioned to allow the operator to easily select all operational functions. Its dynamic braking system can be engaged when the joystick is in neutral or when the unit is shut off. Plastic fuel, water and hydraulic tanks reduce condensation and are encased in steel for maximum protection. All tanks are removable for cleaning and positioned to avoid vandalism. The TV1200 has an operating weight of 6,382 pounds, a centrifugal force of 6,776 pounds and a static linear load of 77.5 pounds per inch.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson introduces updates to its BS-2i series of 2-cycle rammers in its effort to continuously improve the environmental friendliness of its rammers. An advanced injection system offers improved emissions, better fuel economy and easier starting. In addition, the line features an updated branding appearance. With total emissions reduced by 38 percent, emissions on the units are well below Environmental Protection Agency's standards for both carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emissions. In addition to lower emissions, the new cylinder reduces fuel consumptions by 15 percent, lowering overall operator costs.
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Sakai America's new 700 Series vibratory asphalt rollers have a redesigned sleek look and increase paving productivity by achieving density with high amplitudes while leaving smooth finishes on all HMA surfaces. The 700 Series comes in two models, the SW770 and SW770HF. The SW770 offers one frequency, 3,000 vpm and two amplitude settings, low to high .012 to .025 inches, while the SW770HF offers three frequency settings up to 4000 vpm, and two amplitude settings, which are the same as the SW770. Both models offer a drum width of 67 inches and are suited for a wide variety of HMA projects including municipal streets, state highways, airport runways and large parking lots.
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