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Oct. 1, 2011
Stone Construction Equipment Stone Construction Equipment adds a diamond saw blade line to its Saw Devil masonry and concrete saw lines. The saw blade

Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment adds a diamond saw blade line to its Saw Devil masonry and concrete saw lines. The saw blade line covers the most common sizes for the majority of cutting applications. The 26 general-purpose blades fall into two categories — Saw-lect, the value line, and Saw-preme, the premium line. The blades range in size from 12 to 20 inches with bond ratings from 3 to 8 for cutting brick, block, stone, cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt and asphalt over concrete. The blades fit all one-inch arbors and can be used wet or dry.

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Dtec offers an addition to its Superior Series of diamond blades that incorporates a modern turbo rim style, diamond matrix design and durable construction. The 4- to 10-inch blades feature quick speed and smooth cutting ability, and are designed for general construction, demolition, landscape, and the masonry and concrete industries. The rim design has also been engineered to combat excessive heat.

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Advantage 4000 Abrasi-Blast Respirators are designed for use with abrasive blasting applications. These devices also offer durable hoods and facepieces that provide respiratory and upper body protection. Advantage 4000 Abrasi-Blast Respirators can be modified through model and component selection for blasting operations such as shipbuilding, construction and utility industries.

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The new Bosch DaredevilT framing blades are thin-kerf, extra-hard steel plate blades with triple-sharp carbide teeth designed to power through wood. A Speed CoatT finish provides added speed and avoids binding in treated or wet lumber. Featuring Bosch C3 Micrograin Carbide, which is designed to stay sharper longer and resist impact damage, the blades also feature control-cut shoulders for reduced kickback and expansion slots to control blade warp.

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General Equipment Co.

General Equipment offers the new SG24-2300 Series as an extension to its line of DIAM-A-TACH diamond segment grinding systems. Designed for a multitude of surface-grinding applications, the new attachments feature the largest rectangular diamond segments in their class, the maker says. The SG24-2300 attachments install easily to popular models of low-speed surface grinders. The 30- to 40-grit diamond segments feature Omnitrix single-matrix formulation for a wide variety of uses.

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Husqvarna's line of Ultra Early Entry diamond Soff-Cut Excel blades are improved for greater performance and 20-percent longer life. The blades are now color coded with a translucent paint, according to the blade name and type of material it cuts. Excel blades are designed with a triangular-shaped safety arbor that fits precisely on the saw arbor.

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Metabo Corp. offers an electronic pipe and tube belt sander for burnishing, finishing and reconditioning steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous pipe and tube. The tool is designed to render weld seams invisible and can give stainless steel a mirror finish. The RBE12-180 features Metabo's Marathon motor with 1,200 watts and 10 amps of power, double gear reduction for a high rate of material removal, an exact sanding belt guidance feature for even grinding results and a 270-degree maximum wrap angle that allows the tool operator to work more efficiently.

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Arbortech introduces high-performance blades for harder, faster and longer cuts using its AS170 brick and mortar saw. The new improved carbide formula and tooth design, and the higher-temperature brazing allows for the blades to aggressively cut hard mortar while allowing the blades to stay sharper for a longer period of time.

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DeWalt introduces its Precision Framing Blades for framing, roofing and siding installation, and concrete forms. The new blades offer improvement in tooth geometry and blade design, creating a sharper tip that helps to reduce the blade's cutting force. The new blades are designed with resin-filled expansion slots to dampen vibration and improve cutting feel and performance. A new anti-kickback shoulder reinforces the carbide tip for impact resistance, and it also helps to reduce the risk of saw kickback.

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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers a full line of diamond blades including split segment blades. The 12-inch- and 14-inch-diameter split segment blades are designed to offer versatility, fast cutting, longer life and lower vibrations. The key to the technology is the increased number of segments. By doubling the number of segments, the angle of contact to the material is reduced to provide faster cutting with lower vibrations. Additionally, there are more exit points for dust particles, keeping the blade cooler and ultimately increasing its usable life. The combination of a softer bond and increased air flow allows these blades to effectively work on almost any material on the jobsite.

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Specifically designed for use with hand-held saws with a 1-inch or 20-mm arbor, the Hilti Equidist diamond blades offer fast cutting speeds and long life for improved productivity in most general purpose concrete and masonry applications. Engineered with high-quality, industrial-grade diamonds and quality-controlled bonded matrixes, the Equidist diamond blades are designed for the most demanding cutting applications.

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The new abrasive blade from Norton makes it possible to use a single, high-speed cut-off wheel with a 1-inch or 20-mm arbor hole instead of two wheels with different arbor-hole sizes for heavy-duty, high-speed cutting. Three layers of full glass cloth add extra reinforcement and strength to make the blade last longer. The blade's heavy-duty bond with triple reinforcement is designed to resist side pressure and result in longer life. The new blade is available in 12-, 14- and 16-inch sizes.

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