Lower Ground Clearance Grants Compact Loaders More Stability

Lower Ground Clearance Grants Compact Loaders More Stability

Yanmar's new V-Series compact wheel loaders are built around quiet and fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engines. For multi-purpose versatility, the V3-6 and V4-6 (pictured) loaders can be equipped with an optional mechanical Quick-Coupler that fits most skid-steer attachments.

The new models offer a reduced overall height to make them more compatible with enclosed carrier loading and unloading operations. This lower profile also improves the machine's center of gravity, promoting greater stability in the process. A fully automatic drive mode allows the 6,750-pound V3-6 and 7,651-pound V4-6 loaders to accelerate smoothly and change gears with no operator input.

“The V-6 loaders incorporate a number of unique features designed to improve equipment performance and operator safety,” says Nick Grittani, national account manager for Yanmar. “An automatic hydrostatic transmission allows the machine to accelerate smoothly and quietly through the gears, while a rear-end oscillation system keeps the operator level even on the most irregular terrain.”

Lifting capacity for both loaders is rated at 5,760 pounds for the V3-6 and 7,451 pounds for the V4-6. Forward and reverse movement is also activated by a column-shifted lever with a safety lock so the loader cannot accidentally travel in the wrong direction. A parking brake is provided to secure a static position for a more stable work platform.

Verified by Nick Grittani, national account manager for Yanmar.
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Vital Stats

Horsepower: 30.3- or 40.4-hp

Ground clearance: 10 or 12 inches

Weight: 6,750 or 7,651 pounds

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