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Wynne Systems Launches IntelliSource to Optimize Equipment Sourcing in the Rental Industry

Oct. 16, 2023
Wynne Systems announces the latest addition to the RentalMan suite: IntelliSource, designed to optimize and streamline equipment sourcing.

Wynne Systems, a global leader in software solutions for the equipment rental industry, announces the latest addition to the RentalMan suite: IntelliSource, designed to optimize and streamline equipment sourcing.

The inspiration for IntelliSource came from Ken Kimura, director of product at Wynne Systems, during a visit to a customer's branch. Finding equipment to fill rental orders is a vital function that can be difficult when the unit is not sitting on the ready line.

Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by rental coordinators, Kimura recognized the need for a more efficient solution.

"I saw the chaos and stress points that rental coordinators were dealing with daily. After other rental companies verified that this was a struggle for them as well, it became clear that there was a significant opportunity to enhance the equipment sourcing process, not just for one customer, but for the entire industry," said Kimura.

Equipment sourcing is a critical function in the rental industry. Rental coordinators often embark on a multi-tiered search to locate the right equipment for an order, especially when the required asset isn't readily available. This process can be time-consuming and relies heavily on the coordinator's experience and knowledge of branch or even regional operations. That heavy reliance can easily turn into a risky point of failure if even one of those experienced coordinators decides to leave or take days off. IntelliSource simplifies the equipment sourcing process, making it faster, more efficient, and approachable to even the newest rental coordinator.

While not full-blown AI, this release moves equipment sourcing in that direction by working with the rental coordinator to make the best decisions for the company. This new RentalMan suite addition is a big step forward in achieving Wynne System’s goals of bringing more intelligence and automation to various operational tasks at the rental branch level. 

Clare McCormick, general manager, Wynne Systems, said, "The value of an experienced rental coordinator is immeasurable. But with IntelliSource, we're empowering all rental coordinators to become problem solvers. This software add-on automates the search process, presenting the best equipment options in mere seconds. It's a transformative tool that will significantly boost branch efficiency."

IntelliSource is expected to help clients save time and money with up to 50-percent faster equipment sourcing, 75-percent less transfer negotiation, and 3-percent less transportation costs.

McCormick added, "We believe IntelliSource is the future of equipment sourcing. With savings in time, negotiations, and transportation costs, it's a must-have tool for any rental company looking to stay ahead in the industry."

For more information about IntelliSource, visit Wynne Systems IntelliSource web page.