June 1, 2009
Caterpillar Kicks Off Online Community For Power Generation Professionals, U.K.’s HSS Launches Real-Time Online Management Tool, Cummins Filtration Launches New Website

Caterpillar Kicks Off Online Community For Power Generation Professionals

Caterpillar launched its new Power Generation Online Community at This site is an interactive forum where consulting specifying engineers and other power generation professionals can exchange ideas and best practices.

“The goal of the online community is to provide a place where users can find answers to questions and interact with their peers,” says Dave Lucas, manager of marketing communications for Caterpillar Electric Power Division. “Caterpillar is hosting the forum, but the primary goal is to help people in our industry connect with each other around the clock and around the world.”

According to the company, the section spurring the most activity is power generation sustainability, featuring discussions on topics including alternative fuels and emissions requirements. Other topics such as site design, standards and regulations, and system components are also sparking conversation. Users who cannot find an existing topic of interest can easily initiate a new discussion by creating a new thread.

U.K.'s HSS Launches Real-Time Online Management Tool

HSS Hire, national U.K. rental company has launched LiveHire, a free online rental management system that allows large customers to rent and call equipment off rent in real time, control assets by site or by account and view and manage financial statements instantly.

Chris Davies, CEO of HSS Hire, calls the new system “a complete e-commerce system that uses the same look and feel as the websites we all buy from every day and it's free and incredibly easy to use. We want to empower our customers so they can remove unnecessary costs at a time when budgets are really under scrutiny.”

Users can rent anything from HSS' extensive range of tools and equipment online, with immediate visibility on availability; manage control and amend transactions; have a personalized diary showing what's on rent or due for delivery or collection; have access to customers' unique pricing matrix and discount agreements built into the system; and more.

Cummins Filtration Launches New Website

Cummins Filtration, a leader in filtration technology for all engine-powered systems relaunched its website, The new site is optimized both for frequent users who need to download specific information quickly and easily, and for new users who want to review and understand more about the company's Fleetguard products and services.

The site is designed with a modern look and feel, and every page is available in many languages for customers around the world. The Fleetguard Product Information Catalog and the Worldwide Retail Locator can be accessed from every page by clicking links at the top of each page. Product pages have been enhanced to include all product information in one place, including links to the corresponding literature.

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