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May 1, 2009
Result Group Rentalresult releases its new Asset Controller module, which is designed to bring all the key fleet information for a rental business together

Result Group

Rentalresult releases its new Asset Controller module, which is designed to bring all the key fleet information for a rental business together instantly in one place. It allows the user to monitor and drive performance, maximize utilization and reduce capex with better planning and asset visibility. The Asset Controller builds on the company's existing T-card application, combining immediate status and current repair information with the planning capabilities of a resource allocation tool. From a single mouse click, users can create new work orders, process existing due services, allocate/de-allocate an asset to a rental contract or sales order, or simply use one of 40 different business filters to identify key issues, such as assets with outstanding services, or assets overdue for return from rental.
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Wynne Systems

Wynne Systems launches a new version of its Customer Portal application — the fourth version of the web application. Customer Portal v4.0 has increased the usability of the application with scheduled reporting. Clients are now able to select reports, edit parameters and enter recipients. Once created, users can now select what day and time to send out the reports. Other new highlights include bar graph and pie charts to help visualize rental equipment history and rental costs by month; a Contract Price report that allows clients to view their specialized contract rates; and de-centralized termination requests now allow branches to manage their own pick-up ticket requests. In addition, all new and existing reports have the capability to be downloaded into Microsoft Excel.
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Alert Management Systems

Alert Management Systems announces new Business Intelligence capabilities as part of Alert EasyPro 10.0, its comprehensive Windows rental management software for the equipment rental industry. The Alert Executive Dashboard combines more than 40 reports into colorful charts and graphs that will help users react more swiftly to changes in the health of their business. The dashboard includes 12-month trailing revenue reports, sales forecasting, comparison to goal and other critical measures.
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Corporate Services

Corporate Services, developers of TrakQuip and RTMS, offers a rental software solution that fully integrates with other productivity and business management applications. Historically, Corporate Services has integrated with most major accounting, ERP and third-party packages, including solutions from Microsoft, Open Systems and Sage. Most recently, integrations have been deployed with Vertex Solutions, a tax provision and compliance application; with CTP Solutions, a document printing and mailing service; and with RouteSmith, a delivery management and dispatch solution. By enabling data to be shared between applications, clients can choose which applications they want to use throughout their enterprise.
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Market Line Computers

Total Rental from Market Line Computers is a comprehensive management system designed for the rental industry that keeps track of various units including tools, scaffolding, aerial products and construction equipment. The management software features include inventory and parts control; full front counter operation; equipment maintenance; reservations; quotes; adjustments; and accounting and financials. The software works with Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
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Point-of-Rental Systems

Point-of-Rental introduces its Enterprise 12.0 revision, which offers customer relation management tools; the ability to fax/email reports; new analysis reports such as fleet utilization and reservations vs. revenue trend analysis; party CAD integration; California Air Resource Board requirements reporting; weight management of trucks on delivery/pickup routes; the ability to export routes to handheld GPS units; and a customer portal.
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Orion Software

Orion Software specializes in rental and inventory management software solutions and has more than 25 years of experience serving the rental market. Sirius Pro, its award-winning software, offers a complete solution at a low total cost of implementation, and is used by nearly 900 clients in 21 countries. Rental operators who purchase Sirius Pro at any trade show will receive their choice of modules and/or peripherals worth up to $2,500, free of charge. This includes preventive maintenance, contact management, advanced staff management, and hardware such as ID-scans, credit card systems, barcode scanners and electronic signature pads.
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Solutions By Computer

Enfinity, the Windows-based rental management system from Solutions by Computer, has expanded its applications for equipment rental companies with robust capabilities for purchase orders and parts. These latest software developments capitalize on Enfinity's integration of the user-friendly Windows platform with Solutions' applications software.
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RMI Corp.

RMI introduces Advantage Dealer Management, a complete business management software solution developed for lift truck dealers designed to provide a more efficient means of communication through the dealer channel, improving the flow of information from the manufacturer down to the customer. It provides instant updates in areas including parts orders, warranty claims and pricing. It further helps to reduce manual data entry and provides full automation within one centralized system. Advantage Dealer Management enables users to electronically submit purchase orders, purchase returns and warranty claims directly to their manufacturer, streamlining operation and eliminating dual-entry of data. Users can also ensure accurate inventory by utilizing the electronic price imports feature, which updates pricing, parts availability and part numbers.


Qualcomm introduces a new mobile resource management for service fleets. OmniVision Metro frees customers from having to manually track vehicles. Designed for ease of use, OmniVision Metro provides graphical displays and comprehensive summary reports. A web-based interface makes raw data useable, actionable information any time day or night. The dashboard can be customized to display the real time or historical information the user wants, such as vehicles operating during odd hours, speeding or traveling during non-business hours. The location screen shows where all vehicles are, and whether they are on the move, stopped at a call or parked at a non-approved stop. The report screen summarizes data into relevant information so the user can make appropriate adjustments and improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Trimble Construction

Trimble Construction Manager is an integration of software, hardware, GPS technology, wireless data communication and Internet connectivity that provides construction companies, contractors and construction rental companies of any size with tools to increase their profitability through highly efficient asset management and utilization.

For earthmoving and underground utility contractor, McAninch Corp, Trimble’s software has simplified management of its 400-machine fleet. “We have a fleet of more than 400 pieces of equipment, but we could never be sure what they were doing, where they were going, or how many hours each one was running or idling each day,” said Dave Stitz, vice president of finance West Des Moines, Iowa-based McAninch Corp. “We knew that keeping a closer eye on our equipment would help us do a better job of planning and managing; what we didn’t know was just how beneficial all of the usage information would turn out to be. The payoff has been outstanding.”

Genisys Software

Genisys Software introduces Version 4 of its AlphaRental mobile software for smart phones. The new version features all of the salesperson, management and driver functions of the previous versions plus new yard functions such as tracking rental returns out in the yard with a new meter reading as well as fuel used. It can also print a return ticket to a wireless thermal receipt printer connected to a yard person via belt loop, and charge the customer’s credit card for any late charges if needed. In addition, it can take inventory in the store, out in the yard and can receive purchase orders.

OEM Data Delivery

OEM Data Delivery introduces a wireless device that allows managers to track and control the dispensing of fuel and other consumables. GoPOD Fuel is a tiny, concealed computer that installs quickly in lube and fuel trucks, and mechanics’ vehicles. A second version, configured slightly differently, can be installed at fuel stations. GoPOD Fuel consists of a radio pump tracker, GPS radio antennas, and a display touch screen for data entry. Information critical to efficient operation and planning is collected passively, and transmitted via secure radio link. Information includes equipment hours and location, work and idle logs, and fuel dispensed per vehicle unit. Data is formatted, downloaded into reports and made available nightly on a password-protected website or email. Collected information integrates with major back office management systems.

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