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May 1, 2007
Online Tracking HCSS introduces an integrated GPS feature on its website that significantly expands the capabilities of its resource management

Online Tracking

HCSS introduces an integrated GPS feature on its website that significantly expands the capabilities of its resource management software, The Dispatcher. Managers can now make more informed decisions based on accurate information from the field, helping them utilize equipment more efficiently, lower fuel costs, reduce cycle times minimize theft and identify underutilized rentals.

Although there are dozens of GPS units in the marketplace that can be mounted on equipment and report locations, this feature is integrated with resource management software that knows where the equipment is supposed to be and on what jobs. Because The Dispatcher software knows the locations of all jobsites, an area can be defined around each of them called a ‘geo fence.’ When a truck moves into the area, that event is recorded and a tracking cycle-time report can be produced.

In addition to cycle-time analysis, the integrated GPS feature shows where equipment is currently located, where it has been, how fast it's been going and meter readings of how long the equipment has been running. The meter readings, along with the software's maintenance scheduling ability, help improve preventative maintenance on equipment.

Virtual Visitor Center

Web visitors can navigate Sakai America's new website with ease using the tools offered to existing and potential customers. The site,, is designed to be a valuable business tool for Sakai dealers and a visitor center for new customers.

Features of the new site include multilingual banners, which instruct visitors to view a map and select the country where they do business. Because Sakai serves a global market, only those who choose North America are linked to Sakai America.

Educational product information is available to end users, which explains the application for which each family of rollers is specifically designed. Brochures are available online that address features, specifications and other pre-sale questions.

Dealers also have many resources at their fingertips. Co-op advertising materials may be downloaded, as well as product bulletins and training materials. These can then be reproduced as needed by the dealer. Parts are available to order for immediate delivery and a selection of used equipment is also listed.

Habla Español?

In 2005, Spanish speakers made up approximately 13 percent of the total U.S. job market. In the construction industry, that percentage jumped to nearly one out of every four workers. Hilti Online is now available in Spanish to meet the needs of this growing customer segment.

To access the site in Spanish, visit, or find the ES link at the top right corner of any page on the main U.S. Hilti website. Visitors can easily switch from English to Spanish or Spanish to English from any page.

Hilti Online provides instant access to product and technical information in Spanish. This includes new product and product catalog information as well as news releases. To further help Spanish-speaking customers save time and increase productivity, other Spanish-language features include a website search by trade and online ordering.

Pump Site Re-Launch

Thompson Pump, a manufacturer of engine-powered portable pumps, announces the launch of its new and improved website, Featuring improved navigation and expanded information of Thompson Pump products, visitors can select and print literature that is product specific or read about previously completed projects. With the dealer locater feature, visitors can enter a zip code to locate the Thompson Pump locations closest to them.

The website also features a section on education and training. Visitors wanting to become certified pumpologists can do so by attending Pumpology School. While this training doesn't happen on the website, a brochure listing all of the pertinent information can be downloaded. Thompson Pump's Pumpology School is a multi-day training session where students are provided with insights in hydraulics and physics, engineering formulas and product information that will aid them in solving their clients' pumping problems.

The new site has fast-loading graphics, complete product information, free catalog requests and a press-friendly media center. Customer support can also be accessed on the website. Visitors can purchase merchandise ranging from t-shirts to flashlights to camouflage coolies with the Thompson Pump logo.

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