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Trackunit Strengthens Collaboration with IPAF as Technology Makes MEWP Usage Safer

Feb. 28, 2024
IPAF has collaborated closely with the global IoT player on its digital solutions including the development of the ePAL app, which passed 500,000 downloads at the end of 2023.

Trackunit and the International Powered Access Federation look set to deepen their partnership ahead of next month’s IPAF Summit in Copenhagen where they are expected to share their vision for the powered access industry. Since they first started working together in 2020, IPAF has collaborated closely with the global IoT player on its digital solutions including the development of the ePAL app, which passed 500,000 downloads at the end of 2023. 

“As well as the ePAL app, we’ve been working hard with IPAF through our Access Management solution to make sure only IPAF-trained operators are able to access machines like mobile elevated work platforms that may be categorized as relatively high risk,” said Lærke Ullerup, chief marketing and products officer at Trackunit. “Through leveraging years of partnership and deep integration with more than 100 OEMs and aerial work platforms, we deliver a solution tested and deployed directly on machines around the world that fits the safety requirements and standards of the industry while making deployment and administration of access on machines possible.

“We’re delighted that we look set to strengthen our relationship with IPAF so that we can work even more closely together on enhancing safety, via the ‘Works With Trackunit’ partnership program.” 

Jobsite fatalities in decline
According to IPAF statistics, fatalities on jobsites have been steadily declining. There were 174 fatalities in 2020, 121 in 2021 and 102 in 2022,
IPAF said in its annual Global Safety Report 2022, even though reporting in number and by country grew 15 percent and 21 percent respectively in 2022 year-on-year. 

“ePAL has made IPAF more efficient and more connected to powered access equipment users, and we hope to see its use continue to grow,” said Peter Douglas, IPAF’s CEO and managing director. “ePAL provides easily accessible assurance that MEWP operators hold the right qualifications and helps to keep industry colleagues informed on safe working-practices. 

“Given all the work we’ve done with Trackunit since 2020 on the development of ePAL, it makes perfect sense for us to strengthen the partnership. The direct connection the app creates with powered access users around the world is central to our work.” 

Trackunit, meanwhile, plans to show employers at the IPAF Summit 2024 how better safety numbers through the application of technology can help them attract new talent to the industry, potentially enabling the creation of a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

“If we can change the perception of the jobsite — particularly where MEWPs and similar types of machinery are concerned — as a high-risk environment to lower risk, this will gradually change the composition of the typical jobsite workforce,” said Ullerup. “Fresh talent with diverse views underpinned by processes and systems that require digital access to machines will foster a culture of safety that will help IPAF continue its great work of reducing incidents on the jobsite.”

“Safety is the number one priority of all responsible construction companies and while there is nothing more important than ensuring our workers are exposed to as little risk as possible, there is also a significant cost element in ensuring the safety of workers,” said Trackunit CEO Soeren Brogaard. “According to the US National Safety Council, every $1 spent on injury prevention leads to a return of more than $2.”

Ullerup said that access management has facilitated smoother work processes via Bluetooth-enabled networks. That has included, for example, a ‘rolling pin’ function that through Trackunit On sends personalized PIN codes to authorized users on the ePAL app, strengthens security and allows them to ‘unlock’ more quickly. She added that ePAL could also be accessed via Trackunit Manager, allowing the automated upload of certification. 

Trackunit’s Access Management solution has been shortlisted for the International Access Power Awards alongside its Emissions Reporting solution. Winners will be announced on the evening after the conference on March 14.