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Point of Rental’s multilingual and multi-currency Elite product

Point of Rental’s Elite Software Expands Web-based Interface

Oct. 5, 2021
Elite Software will be available for more information at Point of Rental's booth at The ARA Show at booth 2607.

Posted by Brooke Just

Point of Rental’s multilingual and multi-currency Elite product continues to expand its Web-based interface to allow for writing contracts, building quotes, and managing contracts from a web-browser.

The biggest new feature is Elite’s new way of handling custom workflows. That will allow Point of Rental to work in tandem with any rental business’s specific or proprietary processes, both in Elite’s WebUI and the company’s mobile app, POR One.

If a company’s process is to receive a machine back from a rental, then inspect it, get photos, wash it, and refuel it, all in that order, Elite will ensure that each team is on the right step of the process at the right time.

Having processes digitized and tracked cuts down on training time - employees aren’t memorizing steps of the process, just what to do on each step. It also provides visibility for counter or sales staff; if someone - whether customer or coworker - asks where a piece of equipment is, they can see, for example “Oh, it’s in the wash bay” without having to call and have someone search for it.

Elite and POR One are also connected via internal messaging, so even if staff are performing tasks that don’t have a corresponding software action, other employees can get information from coworkers quickly, easily, and without leaving the software.

Learn more about Point of Rental and the team supporting it by visiting or visiting Point of Rental at The ARA Show, booth 2607.