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What Can You Do About the Weather?

July 11, 2021
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What can you do about bad weather?

For as long as there has been construction, weather has been a leading cause of both blown timelines and cost overruns. But unlike other areas of the industry, many of the ways we deal with it have not changed much over the generations.

When companies rent equipment and weather delays strike, they often find themselves scrambling to both make sure they’ll still have access to what they need for as long as they need it and figure out how to minimize the impact to their bottom line.  Rick Wilmot, Co-founder and Product Lead with Weather Warranty advises both renters and equipment rental dealers on a new solution to an old problem.

  • How weather affects construction projects?
  • How weather affects equipment rentals?
  • How did Weather Warranty come into existence?

Come to our live webchat, Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m.