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MEC Launches New Website

Sept. 1, 2020
MEC Aerial Work Platforms announces the launch of its website,

MEC Aerial Work Platforms announces the launch of its website, The new website focuses on more information on the company’s full product line of mobile elevated work platforms, more accessibility to technical resources and more highlighted innovations.

MEC’s president David White says, “MEC has a great story to tell and we needed our website to represent our mission of A Better Solution and tell the story of how we deliver on that.”

Highlighting that story, MEC’s Innovating Better Solutions page showcase all the latest advancements that MEC is making in the field of MEWP. From MEC’s patent-pending Leak Containment System and patent-pending Xtra-Deck to its first patent-awarded invention of the Titan Boom, each innovation is enhanced with photos and videos.  

The new website is easier to navigate and showcases MEC’s full line of award-winning products. The website is geared towards operators and service personnel, so they can seamlessly access pertinent information quickly.

“MEC has a proud history of over 40 years in MEWPs and listening to the voice of the customer, but we needed the website to better represent MEC today. The focus on industry-leading innovations as well as customer needs based on the analytics were critically important to us,” according to Deanne Hix, vice president of sales operations & strategic planning.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of MEWPS in Kerman, Calif. For 40 years and counting, MEC lifts carry the tradition of quality and innovation. MEC's portfolio of MEWPs ranges from direct electric drive slab scissors to rough terrain booms with patented and award-winning design features. For more information on MEC Aerial Work Platforms, visit