Victor Offers Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog Online

Victor Offers Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog Online

Victor has launched print and interactive versions of its 2012 Industrial Gas Equipment catalog, including searchability for its popular oxy-fuel cutting, heating and welding equipment and regulators. The 108-page catalog offers full-color images and has been reorganized to locate relevant information pertaining to major components as close as possible.

The interactive version enables website visitors to turn pages, search for information, add bookmarks and notes, e-mail the catalog to a friend and download a free PDF. When developing the catalog, Victor incorporated feedback from end-users, distributors and suppliers and used it to enhance the user experience, eliminating much of the page flipping that was previously necessary when viewing products.

A print catalog can be ordered by visiting the literature section of the website at

Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., Victor Technologies provides solutions for cutting, welding and gas control equipment under brand names that include Victor, Tweco, Arcair, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Stoody, TurboTorch, Firepower and Cigweld.

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