United Rentals’ Website Ups it’s Smartphone IQ

United Rentals launched a new mobile website that provides one-touch access to the world's largest equipment rental fleet and customer service team. The mobile version of uses a Smartphone interface that facilitates customers' searches for equipment, requests for rental quotes and locates nearby branches via the GPS in their mobile phones.

“Mobile technology is the new frontier of customer service,” said Kenneth DeWitt, United Rentals' chief information officer. “By investing in a true, platform-specific interface, we have optimized the user's experience on all leading Smartphone platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. This compatibility is the best way to harness the capabilities of today's Smartphones. It ensures that our mobile services are consistently fast and reliable for customers each time they visit the site.”

Joe Dixon, vice president of sales for United Rentals added: “In our business, customers are often en route between jobsites or in other situations where laptops are impractical. A contractor may want to search for equipment based on the site conditions he's observing and request a quote on the spot. If he needs to find the closest branch, the mobile site pinpoints the location on Google Maps and provides driving directions, telephone number and hours of operation.”

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