Result Group Redevelops Website to Address Key Rental Issues

Result Group recently conducted an extensive survey that identified six core problems it says rental companies must address in today’s market. In response, Result Group redeveloped its website to address each of these key areas with new ideas.

The site also provides a series of rentalresult business tools to address the key areas covering reporting, cloud computing, scalability, real-time fully integrated e-commerce and Result Group’s exclusive new ‘rules engine,’ which is designed to let rental company users do more with less — potentially cutting labor costs by up to 50 percent while still delivering quality customer service.

The site allows users to use its Product Configurator to select the correct product for any task and when linked to its integrated e-commerce, customers can order online to lower their administration costs. The rules engine also acts as a built-in system analyst to improve training, product selection and pricing to give the user control over every transaction.

Result Group partners with many rental and asset management companies including Volvo Rents, CAT and Bechtel. The rentalresult enterprise java-based software is designed to provide customers with the data and controls they want to manage their business profitably from procurement to disposal of an asset, with full lifecycle management for rental, sales and service.

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