EquipRent Announces Strategic Product Integration with Bidtracer, an online construction equipment quote/bid solutions company, and Bidtracer, a provider of construction project management software, last week announced a technology and marketing alliance to provide Bidtracer's cloud-based project management system with an integrated rental quote engine capability. is designed to save companies significant time and money when renting construction equipment by making it easy to obtain multiple quotes from local equipment rental companies. The network extends to hundreds of rental locations across the United States and provides rental quotes for all types of equipment from power tools, aerial scissor lifts, backhoes and excavators, and more.

Using push-technology, Bidtracer's software works for contractors — automatically sending reminders to their subs, vendors, and customers for their submittals, RFIs, change requests and other important project documents.

"We continue to look for complimentary cloud-based services that can broaden our offering," said Samir Gulrajani, vice president and chief information officer of Bidtracer. "EquipRent's platform for online equipment rental quotes is a perfect addition for our customers looking for fast turnaround quotes."

"This alliance will provide a unique capability that will benefit project managers and estimators of Bidtracer by offering a free service that will positively reinforce the effectiveness of Bidtracer award-winning solutions," said Roberto Guerrieri, CEO,

EquipRent's mission is to connect commercial construction companies with local equipment rental companies nationwide. It delivers highly qualified opportunities to rental companies and enables contractors to receive multiple rental quotes in an efficient and cost-effective way. For more information, visit

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