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ARA Insurance Introduces Smartphone Application

ARA Insurance Services this week announced its new application for smartphone users, designed to allow drivers to report an auto accident claim, liability/equipment claim or building/property claim — including GPS coordinates and photos of the scene.

Other features of the app include the ability to report an auto accident, step-by-step guides on what to do if an accident occurs, the ability to order a certificate of insurance or auto ID card directly from the phone, and contact information to reach ARA Insurance by phone or email.

“The new ARA Insurance app can help rental business owners reduce the stress involved with running their businesses when an insurance matter arises,” said Phil Kelling, ARA Insurance president and CEO. “This one-stop app is like having your own insurance representative there to help you through an accident or incident that may arise.”

The on-site functionality when an accident occurs is the main benefit of the app, Kelling said. “If an accident was to occur and it’s safe to do so, the app will allow you to upload a photo, including damage to property or vehicles, skid marks, road debris, slippery conditions or any other evidence of an accident, all while at the scene. That information is crucial to have, and the app will provide you will the tools to gather it.”

The free ARA Insurance app is available for Android, iPad and iPhone. It can be downloaded through the Android Market or Apple’s App Store directly from a mobile device.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., ARA Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Rental Association.

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