AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard Will Facilitate Mixed Fleet Management

AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard Will Facilitate Mixed Fleet Management

The new construction equipment telematics standard from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Association of Equipment Management Professionals has added key features to facilitate data gathering, and a test database and manufacturing verification system. The AEM/AEMP standard enables equipment users to gather more OEM equipment data into their preferred business or fleet management software, providing easier access, improved ability to manage and analyze information across fleets, and to save time and money on the jobsite or within operations.

    The standard is currently going through the approval process with ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, to be accepted as a global standard. The ISO review and drafting process has resulted in several key changes including:

  • More frequent data polling;
  • More data frequency;
  • Better security;
  • Faster API load time;
  • More options for customers’ integrators;
  • Unit of measures standardized to metric;
  • More data per customers’ requests.

    Also, AEM will offer a test database that allows third parties, software developers and major fleet owner developers to verify that their business systems are functioning correctly to pull in their desired information. The test database will help them to more efficiently create their new reporting systems by minimizing the need to contact multiple manufacturers directly.

    AEMP will offer a program for OEMs and other telematics providers to verify that their feeds are functioning correctly, and that each value is flowing into the correct data field. The verification program will help end users be assured they will be able to access the data in the new standard format.

    The two organizations will work together to provide systematic checks to allow the industry to smoothly address the next generation of efficiency and coordinatin through mixed fleet data collection and management.

    The AEM/AEMP telematics requirements will be part of ISO 15143 (Earthmoving machinery and mobile road construction machinery – Worksite Data Exchange) as a new section --- Part 3: Machine Data.

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