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Perkins Displays Four Large Rental Engines at ARA, Including New 403J-11T

Perkins Displays Four Large Rental Engines at ARA, Including New 403J-11T

Perkins Engines is highlighting its commitment to the rental market at the ARA Show 2019 with an exhibit that includes a comprehensive package of engines, support programs and aftermarket products that work together to improve rental company return on investment. Displayed in Booth 6951 are four engines: the new 1.1-liter Perkins 403J-11T, the Perkins Syncro 2.2 liter and 3.6 liter and a Perkins 404D-22 replacement engine -- all of which are widely used in the rental industry.

“Perkins is committed to supporting rental market customers with products and services that span the entire lifecycle of the equipment they depend on,” said Jaz Gill, Perkins vice president of global sales, marketing, service and parts. “That includes efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain engines, responsive dealer and distributor services, advanced support technologies including engine telematics and on-line parts ordering and even a selection of replacement engines available in 48 hours or less.”

The 1.1-, 2.2- and 3.6-liter engines on display are U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V certified, which means they can be installed in products used in North America and the EU without modification and maintenance training and procedures are the same in each market.                

Also featured in the booth is the Perkins Rental Support Program that helps keep customers’ experience in the hands of the rental companies, and aftermarket products that make these engines a profitable long-term investment for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and rental companies who depend on their products. Visitors will also be introduced to the resources available in the Perkins Rental Support Program and Loyalty Programs including how the company works with SmartEquip. With all these programs combined, Perkins delivers an industry-leading level of support services to rental companies using Perkins-powered equipment.

The foundation of all Perkins Rental Support Programs for North American rental market customers is a network of five distributors: Clarke Powered Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio; Perkins Power Corp. in Orange Park, Fla.; Perkins Pacific in Ridgefield, Wash.; Perkins QM in Pointe-Claire, Quebec; and DiPerk Power Solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia. Each distributor has multiple locations in their coverage area as well as a network of authorized independent dealers.

      Perkins Engines is launching its newest engine, the 403J-11T this week at the ARA Show. The new engine, showcasing in booth 6951, outputs 24 hp (18.4 kW) and 86 Nm (63.4 lb-ft) of torque and is particularly suited to power small construction equipment that is popular among North American rental fleets.

      The 403J-11T is the latest addition to Perkins’ global product range, joining three other 24-hp engines in the line-up that meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, and offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the choice at this power node. “For this critical power of 24hp, OEMs need to balance multiple engine characteristics to get the best match for their machines,” said Oliver Lythgoe, marketing manager for small engines at Perkins. “The 403J-11T will be particularly suitable for machines that need good torque performance, but also need the smallest package possible. Many rental companies want to stock the same equipment across the whole of North America and these turbo engines are particularly good for maintaining performance even at high altitudes and across a wide range of temperatures.”

       Drawing on more than 85 years of diesel engine experience, the 403J-11T engine is just the latest release in major investments by Perkins in small engines. The range is being transformed to include new model introductions, upgrades for the latest world emissions standards, and upgrades in power and torque.

      However, investments extend beyond new products like the Perkins 403J-11T. Other areas of investment include the creation of new manufacturing lines and implementing cutting-edge automation technologies.

      “Our OEM and rental customers appreciate our unique ability to collaborate with them based on their needs, as well as provide them with reliable, quality products,” said Perkins manager of global rental operations Andy Zuckerman.

      Every Perkins engine is backed by its Perkins Rental Support Program that help manage the latest emissions standards and improve bottom line. Staffed by highly-skilled maintenance and service experts, the Perkins Rental Support Program provides the necessary tools to increase return on investment and enhance the customer experience.

      For more information about the Perkins Rental Support Program, please visit If you’re at the show, drop by Booth 6951.

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