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The Genie S45 now has expanded Xtra Capacity features Photo by Genie
The Genie S-45 now has expanded Xtra Capacity features.

Genie Updates S-40, S-45 Telescopic Boomlifts by Incorporating XC Features

Genie introduced a range of new machines and options at the ARA show, including its new GS 1330 low access scissorlift; its Lift Connect telematics solution; its Contact Alarm System, a secondary guarding system introduced for slab scissorlifts and vertical mast units; its Lift Tool Access Deck, which provides 22 inches of additional height to help operators work higher; and lithium ion batteries, now an available option on Genie GS slab scissorlifts. Another new development was incorporating the advantages of the Genie Xtra Capacity features on Genie S-40 and S-45 telescopic boomlift.

The new Genie telescopic S-40 XC and S-45 XC booms now offer a dual lift capacity of 660-pounds (300 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-pounds (454 kg) restricted, giving these aerial lifts the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites. Thanks to the design of Genie XC booms, these models can work with up to three people in the platform while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials.

The “XC” nomenclature lets customers know that the new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC models comply with the platform load-sensing requirements in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as the current European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.

“With the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards changes coming in North America, we took the opportunity to not just update these popular models but to completely redesign them to incorporate all of the advantages of the Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) features along with compatibility to our new generation of accessories and options including the Genie Lift Power generator system and the Genie Tech Pro™ Link handheld diagnostics tool.” says Corrado Gentile, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, “The new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC telescopic boom lifts are the modern versions of their popular predecessors.”

New to these models, the Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC booms feature automatic envelope control. This is the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelops; it also allows for precise   platform positioning and an enhanced operator experience.

Like all Genie XC models, the new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC units are equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while featuring the ability to do zero-load field calibrations. And, they are engineered with a redesigned boom structure that boasts increased performance, range of motion and envelope control, as well as a robust jib on the Genie S-45 XC model that is capable of easily handling the 1,000-pound (454 kg) maximum capacity.

These new Genie XC telescopic booms also come equipped with a chassis tilt sensor incorporated into the machines’ function. The technology in this new sensor is engineered to automatically cutout certain lift and drive functions of the machines when the tilt activation setting is reached. “And, we’ve designed our new chassis tilt sensor to restrict the machine’s range of motion based on the ground angle,” says Gentile. “This new technology gives the new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC booms the ability to carry more load than ever before, as well as it has the ability to vary the platform envelope based on the ground slope to maximize these models’ ability to access hard-to-reach work areas on challenging jobsites.

“As we modernized these booms, we stayed focused on user interface and simplicity to maintain the machines ease of use and deliver the high rental return on invested capital (rROIC) that your business relies on. For example, these new Genie XC models have been updated with a state-of-the-art CAN-based control system, which incorporates the familiar Genie Smart Link control system features. Operators will find the control layout on these booms to be consistent and intuitive, making the operation of the booms easy and straightforward.”

Also, technicians will appreciate the onboard diagnostics on Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC models. Available on the new LCD at the ground controls, the system allows for machine setup, calibration and troubleshooting right on the machine — no need for a laptop or any additional accessories. The new CAN-based control system on the Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC models also allows more data to be remotely monitored than ever before.

“With the new Genie Tech Pro Link diagnostics tool, everything service technicians need to know is right in the palm of your hand,” says Gentile. “It allows you to monitor the machine’s gauges, including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and battery voltage, calibrate the machine, make speed adjustments during your pre-operation inspection, get service alerts and reminders, track maintenance intervals, receive fault code information and so much more.”

The Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC models also feature the new Genie Lift Power generator solution. The new system includes a dedicated hydraulic circuit, a right-sized breaker and no pressure switch to reliably power the generator. The dedicated circuit also runs cooler and enables operators to lift and drive during generator operation. The Genie Lift Power system is available in three options to provide reliable power solutions for customers worldwide:

  • Two 3 kW options are available to meet the specific demands of global customers: For markets that use 50 Hz AC power, the all-new 3 kW generator can be easily configured to output either 120V or 240V single phase. For 60 Hz markets, an all-new 3 kW 120V generator will efficiently supply power to meet jobsite demands.
  • A single-phase, 220V (50 Hz) 7 kW generator solution that is specifically configured for the needs of the Australian market.
  • A three-phase, 240V (60 Hz) 12 kW generator solution is uniquely configured for North American boom operators to run heavy-duty weld machines.

The productivity features that enhance customers’ ability to get work done quickly have also been updated on the new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC models:

  • The Genie S-40 XC model features 39 feet 6 inch working height with 31 foot 1 in (9.7 m) of outreach.
  • The Genie S-45 XC boom has 44 feet 6 inches (13.6 m) working height with 36 foot 2 inches (11.0 m) of outreach.
  • Both units are equipped with a 48-hp (37 kW) Tier 4F/Stage IIIB diesel engine.
  • The Genie XC boom design also includes a 6-ft (1.83 m) or an 8-ft (2.44 m) tri-entry platform with side-swing gate to make it easy to get people, tools and jobsite materials in and out of the basket.

Common to all Genie XC models, the new Genie S-40 XC and S-45 XC boom lifts share commonality in design, parts and accessories with the other Genie products in customers’ rental fleets, boosting rROIC by reducing the cost of operation and maximizing profits.

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