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Doosan Portable Power Displays Updated P185 Air Compressor at ARA Show

Doosan Portable Power Displays Updated P185 Air Compressor at ARA Show

Doosan Portable Power showed its newly updated Doosan P185WDO portable air compressor which features increased runtime and a proprietary Doosan airend and a Doosan engine. Doosan is the only air compressor manufacturer to use both proprietary engines and airends in its products, the company said.

The P185 is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Doosan D24 engine and a Doosan DSN100 airend. Together, they deliver 185 cfm of air at a rated operating pressure of 100 psi. The unit runs 12 hours at 100 percent load, two hours longer than the previous P185 generator model.

“By manufacturing both its own engines and airends, Doosan can make sure its air compressors meet high and consistent standards,” said Jeremy Bailey, Doosan Portable Power air products manager. “Customers can trust that the two major components of a Doosan air compressor are of Doosan quality.”

The Doosan engine provides improved cold starting capability in temperatures as low as –10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bringing both the engines and airends inhouse in the new P185 simplifies machine maintenance. The P185 has new curbside discharge valves and safer clean-out ports. All filters are accessible and clearly marked, and the separated oil tank has a new fill and sight gauge. Diagnostic connections are easier to reach while an LED backlit control display allows gauges to be read in almost any working condition.

For storage, the P185 has a long, deep toolbox. The galvanneal-steel enclosure withstands harsh jobsite conditions and resists rust and corrosion. The P185 has a one-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty; a two-year/4,000-hour airend warranty, and a five-year, 10,000-hour Doosan extended warranty contingent on the use of genuine Doosan fluids and filters and service at prescribed intervals.

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