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Telescope Technology Simplifies Towing, Shipping and Storage

Telescope Technology Simplifies Towing, Shipping and Storage

Allmand Bros. introduces the V Series vertical light tower configuration as an option for its Night-Lite Pro Series light towers. When the light mast of a standard light tower is retracted, it must be folded down across the light tower for storage, transport and light fixture adjustment. But with the V Series design, the mast retracts and telescopes in and out of its own housing, which results in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage, and reduced potential for jobsite damage, according to the company.

“There are two main features that make the V Series easier to set up,” says Doug Dahlgren, product manager of Allmand Bros. “First, it features an electric winch that allows the tower to be fully extended or fully retracted in 20 seconds. Secondly, because the tower is in the vertical position when retracted, it's much easier to accurately adjust the fixtures as opposed to trying to properly angle the fixtures with the mast in a horizontal position, as must be done with most standard light tower configurations.”

Built to be compact, the V Series mast and light fixture assembly stays within the footprint of the trailer when lowered. Also, because the tower doesn't protrude from the back of the cabinet, there is less chance for accidental damage and injury when towing on the jobsite. The unit also features an integrated bunded tray and remote oil drain that reduce the potential for accidental liquid spills.

Verified by Doug Dahlgren, product manager of Allmand Bros.

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Vital Stats

Set up time: 20 seconds

Maximum height: 25 feet

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