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Sky Trak 6042 Telehandler (002)v2023

All-New SkyTrak 6034 & 6042 Telehandlers Redesigned for Today’s Work Sites

June 27, 2023
Updated models deliver the most requested features for pick-and-place applications.

JLG Industries, an Oshkosh company and a leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers, is in the process of redesigning its popular SkyTrak telehandler line, starting with the all-new 6034 and 6042 models. Featuring a redesigned build, reworked functionality, reimagined technology and refocused serviceability, these 6,000-pound maximum lift capacity telehandlers are designed for pick-and-place applications, such as handling, loading and unloading bulk materials on demanding residential, commercial, urban and suburban job sites.

“Understanding the demands and challenges crews face on work sites day after day, we redesigned the all-new 6034 and 6042 models with features and capabilities directly inspired by the needs of those who need them most,” said John Boehme, senior product manager – telehandlers, JLG. “These updated models deliver our customers’ most requested features, with zero sacrifice, proving yet again why SkyTrak is North America's No. 1 best-selling telehandler line.”

Redesigned build

The new 6034 telehandler replaces the previous 6036 model, while the 6042 telehandlers has been updated with new features inspired by the way customers work. For example, these updated units feature a lower operating weight — 14,500 pounds on the 6034 and 19,100 pounds on the 6042 — allowing for more efficient transport. These machines’ lightweight design with an optimized frame structure allows three 6034 models or two 6042 models to be hauled on a single flatbed trailer. In fact, the 6034 model is lightweight enough that it can even be transported with a standard pickup truck and trailer.

The 6034 model offers a 34-foot lift height and 23-foot forward reach. The 6042 model provides a 42-foot lift height and 29-foot forward reach. Both the 6034 and 6042 offer three steering modes — 2-wheel, 4-wheel and 4-wheel crab — which operators can select as needed for better maneuverability. These models have a 95-inch width and smaller tires, enhancing maneuverability, while still maintaining their competitive 15-inch ground clearance.

The enclosed cab on these models is available with optional air conditioning for comfortable operation on hot or humid job sites.

Reworked functionality

The 6034 and 6042 are equipped with a 74-hp, 2.9L Deutz diesel engine that doesn't require diesel exhaust fluid, which reduces maintenance costs. Their hydrostatic transmissions provide greater control and ease of operation. They also have inching functionality, which allows operators to run the boom at high speeds without shifting the transmission into neutral — this translates to faster delivery of materials at height.

These models’ single joystick is electric over hydraulic for greater multifunction capability. The auxiliary hydraulic function and attachment tilt are included on the joystick for enhanced productivity.

When it comes time to switch attachments, both models feature a common coupler for use with all JLG and SkyTrak attachments, allowing the 6034 and 6042 telehandlers to adapt based on what's needed on the job site. And the auxiliary hydraulic connections on these telehandlers are now on the side of the boom head so operators can change attachments more efficiently. The 6034 and 6042 models feature a standard boom-mounted lifting lug that can be used to properly handle a suspended load and an integrated tow hitch on the rear counterweight for added jobsite versatility.

Reimagined technology

The design of the 6034 and 6042 models emphasizes convenience and productivity. These newly updated SkyTrak telehandlers both feature a new advanced control system that allows for more options like load stability indication, seatbelt engagement and operator presence, along with improved diagnostics. The new cab design features a larger LCD display for a more data-rich interface and larger, single-page load charts for added convenience.

Productivity and operator confidence go even further with several optional systems. The optional multi-reverse camera system lets operators back up with confidence by displaying multiple views from behind the machine to the left, right and rear. This system can be used during the day and night, and it features four components: Left and right-side backup cameras, a rear backup camera and a tri-view monitor.

The optional reverse sensing system alerts operators to rear obstructions with an audible alarm. This feature helps crews be more aware of their surroundings, especially on busy job sites. And finally, the optional white noise backup alarm emits a directional alarm signal on the machine as it travels in reverse. This type of alarm helps cut down on job site noise while enhancing worker safety outside the machine.

Refocused serviceability

Service enhancements made to these new SkyTrak models include a 30-percent reduction on hydraulic hoses and connections, resulting in fewer potential leak points. The top-mounted telescopic cylinder provides easier access for service, and the rear access door on the frame has been replaced with a bolt-on panel for added durability. Enhancements to the boom on both SkyTrak models include faster boom function speed, an 8-percent improvement over previous models, and an updated single compensation and lift cylinder design for fewer components to maintain, streamlining maintenance.

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